Windows display scaling and Clarion resizer

Clarion 9.1 Appears to happen in both ABC and Clarion/Legacy templates. Use-Anchor scheme.

If Windows display scaling is not 100%, then at least the resizing of sheet/tab and probably list controls do not appear to take this into account. The result is the tab and list structures can visually extend beyond the bottom and right edges of the procedure window. There may be other issues, but this is the most obvious to me.

Manually setting the control’s resize parent to the procedure window does not appear to matter.

I believe every laptop I’ve ever owned defaulted to 125% as the recommended display scaling.

The initial size of the window fitting within a MDI frame and the frame itself is correct, so something somewhere incorporates the display scaling. (An SDI app also exhibits the problem.)

I haven’t fired this up in C11 for testing or looked at the generated resizer code yet.

Any ideas?