Windows Issue - I think?

They changed the domain settings on our computers from a local domain to a cloud domain. This in turn created a new user profile on my computer.

In my Clarion app I have a create email button utilizing Capesoft’s HypeAcvtive and Office inside extensions. The first time I tried to create an email out of my App it asked me hat program I wanted to use to create the email. Apparently, I selected the wrong one because now it wants to create the email in the Cloud version of Outlook instead of the local version that is installed on my computer. I am not sure on how to edit this so that it opens my local version of outlook instead of the cloud version.

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Solved this issue myself

So here is what I did.

I went under the default Apps

Selected Set Default Apps

Selected Outlook and then clicked on Manage
Mailto (URL:MailTo Potocol) was set for MAIL instead of Outlook, after I changed it to Outlook it corrected my issue.

I figured since I asked the question I would let you know how I resolved it.