Windows Updates destroying IDE

Hi everyone.
Recently had to uninstall MS KB4519976 and KB4520003 from our Windows 7 computers as it really mucked up the C5 and C6 IDE. It removed all the icons from all the buttons; menu, toolboxes, everyone, everywhere.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and, aside from uninstalling the updates, been able to resolve it?


Clarion 6 and earlier IDE is 16 bit. Expect it to fall over more and more as time passes. As fewer and fewer 16 bit programs exist in the world you can expect 16 bit support to erode, and ultimately disappear.

I recommend you use the 32 bit Clarion [IDE], with the Clarion 6 templates, classes and runtimes if you prefer.


Clarion 16?

Small steps for us ATM, but I have plans of moving from 5 and 6 sometime next year if things go well and to plan.

Appreciate the info.

I’m pretty sure he meant Clarion 11, You can create clarion 6 programs using the C11 IDE but C6 templates and compiler.

Moving from obsolete v5 to obsolete v6 is almost but not quite useless. If you are going to upgrade go to C11.

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I know, but it’s the first step, IMHO, in moving away from DET and a few changes that were made to the shipping templates that were made by a previous employee. A few hurdles to get over.

Ahh. DET.
enough said.
There has been discussion on moving away from them somewhere. Not sure if here or the newsgroups.
Wish you well :slight_smile:

none of this is easier to do in C6 than C11. In fact substantially more difficult. It’s a big jump from C5 to C6, and you gain nothing by going C5 -> C6 - > C11 except extra work.

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If they actually need to use the C5x run-time within the C11 IDE, there is extra stuff that needs doing so that it links correctly.

We have a legit copy of C6 which is why I am heading that way initially.

C11 would be a significant change in every sense. Small, controlled steps.

Hi Zenzag,

I’d recommend you create a virtual machine with a 32Bit copy of Windows and use that to do your Clarion C55 to Clarion 6 conversion.
I have a VirtualBox VM with Windows XP (SP 3) on it to do Clarion 6 and ReportWriter work

If you must use Windows 10 in the VM then uninstall the offending updates and then use the VM with the Network set to ‘Host Only Adapter’ - that will mean the VM has access to the host machine (via shared folders) but no internet access (so no pesky updates)

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Use a 32bit XP or Win7 VM on a secure host, then turn off OS updates on the VM.
I’ve been using C5 & C6 in that manner for years without an issue.

I have this issue as well some weeks before and argued that it could come from an windows update. I work with a W7 32Bit VM (VirtualBox) and I have Clarion 6.2 and the system into different virtual disks (C: for Windows and D: for Clarion). So I decide to take over the last backup from the virtual system disk and the problem has gone. Today the update KB4519976 has been installed again and the issue poped up again. I removed this update and the issue was gone. Since I turned over to C10 and next to C11 I don’t bother with this. I will disable automatic updates and install them controlled. Perhaps this issue will be fixed with a future update.

Thanks, currently using a Windows 7 VM, and have stopped updates.

He this same issue but about a week later another windows update fixed the issue.

Thanks for the update. I will seek out the Windows update.

After January 14, support for Windows 7 will go away. Not sure if you can still get updates that were released prior to that date.