WinHTTP HTTPs Request


People, I’m trying to request from a webserver witch uses HTTPs as protocol, but i’m having a lot of troubles. My application crashes everytime I try to send a new request to the server and I can’t understand why does it happens.

To make this request I’m using the WinHTTP lib with Clarion 9.1 and a class that I found on the Webnar from RavenDB called WebClientClass.clw.

Here is a bunch of code:

if SELF.InValidState()     
            Verb = UPPER(Verb)
            WideAddress = SELF.ToWideString(Verb)      
            if WideAddress <> 0
                SELF.hRequest = wc_WinHttpOpenRequest(SELF.hConnect,WideAddress,lpObjectName,0,WINHTTP_NO_REFERER,WINHTTP_DEFAULT_ACCEPT_TYPES,WINHTTP_FLAG_SECURE)
                if SELF.hRequest = 0
                self.ThrowError(err:ToWideStringFailed,'Verb could not be translated to widestring.')

Here is the place where I create the request and the interesting part is that I don’t have any problem. Theoretically I’m working with HTTPs because I’m using the ‘WINHTTP_FLAG_SECURE’ parameter. Here is the documentation of this function:

Does anyone ever tryied something like this? The server returns to me the 502 ERROR, but i’m not using any proxy.

Try using as a proxy. It helped me a lot this week to sort some OAuth 2.0 issues.