WinMerge 2.16.18 allows Compare to Ignore Numbers - Nice for AT(#,#,#,#)

WinMerge is a free compare tool. In the new release 2.16.18 it has a feature that I requested to allow an option to Ignore Numbers.

This report had a new “Units” column inserted so 3 columns had their AT() positions changed. This results in showing 10 changed lines that I don’t care about:

Under the toolbar Options button (wrench icon) is a new check item to “Ignore Numbers” in the comparison.


With Ignore Numbers checked my compare now ignores all the lines where only the AT() changed leaving just the 2 new STRING(‘UNITS’):


Hi Carl,
Nice addition. Although it seems it would ignore numbers outside AT() which may be important. Perhaps current plugins allow some smart exceptions for AT(), did you inspect them? I did used some before to ignore first columns to compare Clarion driver traces ignoring time stamps, with WinMerge and DiffMerge.


Nice to know.

I have an “issue” using WinMerge to compare CLW that contains the DAS security line. Clarion IDE itself changes the internal date/time of modification for the Procedure even if it was not opened, and so I have a lot of “false alarm” differences when comparing. Like this

Carl, do you think that the last version of the WinMerge will resolve it as well?

found solution to Ignore DAS lines:


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Correct. I only turn On Ignore Numbers when viewing a Window/Report (that obviously has been moved), then when done turn Off Ignore.

I think I noticed possible bug when Ignore Numbers set On WM identifies some lines with numbers as changed that were not. Turn Off and shows no changes. I was too busy to figure out the details.