Writing to the windows 10 notification center

Is it possible to write actions to the windows 10 notification (actions) center from Clarion ?

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Researching this, I don’t think it would be that easy to achieve (maybe not impossible) in clarion. These things are called toasts btw.

In order to display toasts, a desktop application must have a shortcut on the Start menu. Also, an AppUserModelID must be set on that shortcut. The shortcut should be created as part of the installer.

From StackOverflow

Basically, you have to use a COM server. The Activated event on the ToastNotification itself is a runtime event… useless if your program has been closed and the user clicks on your toast from Action Center. Thus, Activated only fires if the user clicks your toast when it first pops up. It does NOT fire when the user clicks your toast from Action Center. That’s what the COM server is for (or what the OnActivated method in UWP apps is for).

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Perhaps a little off topic, but I have been using GrowlForWindows for some of my apps - it gives me toast popups on any version of Windows that I can control from my app.

I used to simply call the command line interface using a RUN() function from my apps, but in my latest apps, I use NetTalk to talk directly to the Growl service via HTTP which is more efficient.

I think I did a short post about this over at NetTalkCentral.com a while back, but can’t remember for sure.

If you can limit support to more modern browsers then there is a decent amount of built in notification support. For example, this website implements some. But yeah, a little off topic. Sorry @pbouma :slight_smile:

I wonder if this works on win 10 the same as 8.1?

Adds a .Net dependency to your solution of course and would only get you one way interaction but could be a simpler option if that’s all you need!

Send toast over live.com

what is the difference between a Toast and a Bubble-Message at the bottom left corner, next to the Systray?

I have learnt that those Bubbles, made with WinEvent, are visible even when you have such a Modern App at the front, since Windows 10. In Windows 8 they were only visible, when you ran a regular Windows program.

Maybe that one would help you? When in doubt, ask Bruce. :wink:


FYI: I’m close to complete the product CWWinToast, which allows to use toast notifications in Win10.

Home page
Download demo program


  • Windows 10
  • .NET Framework 4.5
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