XAML Trainer (for use with Codejock markup enabled controls)

Another Codejock driven app.
I use it to write CJ XAML/Markup that I use to fill the CAPTION properties of their supported controls.

CJ controls in use…
Label (SuiteControls)

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I forgot to add, the lower pane contains the markup that you are creating/building, The upper pane is the rendered markup in real time.

So where do I get some?!

You want some?
I’ll have to RegFree it first.

Yeah for sure! Are you going to open source it, sell it, what is the plan?

It’s basically free (for all Codejock users ) I just need to wrap it up and get someone to host it (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). Down the road when CJ adds Drag & Drop to the PropertyGrid I intend to expand the app to become the “XAML Construction Set”.

I know you can upload images here but I don’t think it will accept zips or binaries. You are more than welcome to put a link, create a whole topic or whatever!

Even if you don’t want to put the source code up I am sure you could make use of GitHub as a download place with a readme too. Loads of options for file hosting :smile:

I’ll have to look into it

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how/where could I have a try? :blush:

Thanks kanbang,

I have had a few requests.

It’s coming soon!

I’m making it RegFree and updating it to CJ 16.4.0.
So it will be self contained that way those that don’t currently have the Codejock controls and still play with CJ Markup.

I’m almost finished, so check here for it soon. http://integritysystemssoftware.com/?page_id=591

When it is ready, I’ll post an update.

Speaking of RegFree…


Well CW 10 Build 11975 and some of the NYS CJ Control Classes are not playing well together and that has delayed the release.

great work, come on!

It’s almost there, I’m converting it to CJ 17.2 and making it RegFree.
It’s really close.


Really greate work!
Don’t keep me waiting too long please :grinning:

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Working on it.

I ‘ve uncovered a GPF when using the Commandbars 17.2.0 and Win 10 Anniv+ versions during installer testing. I’ll be looking into the issue deeper this weekend. I hope to have it ready shortly.