Xfile object translated via xslt


Does anyone know if it is possible to take a xFiles object and transform it via xslt?

Regards Niels

Not sure about xFils, think it isn’t possible. You can try EasyXML, it supports XSLT.

xDoc    ClaXMLDOM
xOut    ClaXMLDOM

  !- load xml document
  IF xDoc.Load(xmlStr)
    !- transform it against xslt, the result will be in xOut
    IF xDoc.Transform(xsltStr, xOut)
      !- display the result of transformation

Hi Mike

I already use EasyXML and it works really well.
But I really like the way StringTheory and jFiles/xFiles integrate with each other.
So therefore.


Not sure I understand why you wouldn’t want to use what you’re already licensed for. Using xfiles to do all of the XML work doesn’t mean you couldn’t also use Mike’s product to transform. I’ve never used EasyXML, but it seems like something to try.

But perhaps this page would help. https://www.w3schools.com/xml/xsl_transformation.asp

I am not sure that working with xms as string is good idea, for example to find or replace, there are native xml methods.