XMLType Class Source Code?

Problem solved many thanks…

looks like it’s compiled

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Is this perhaps the wrapper classes that use the CenterPoint XML (clacpxml.dll)? To my knowledge, this was discontinued about the same time SV wrote their implementation, which is about 20 years ago.

If I had to guess based on a quick search, I’d say that DLL was in use by the IDE.

C:\Clarion10\bin>grep -i Clacpxml *.*
Binary file Claasl.dll matches
Binary file Clacpxml.dll matches
Binary file Cladct.dll matches

If you need to deal with XML, the real “simple” option is just to use xFiles.

That is shipped as source code, includes both a streaming and tree parser, and simply deals with complex, or simple, xml. There’s even capesoft.com/xfilescode to generate the matching clarion structures and code for you.

For JSON there’s an equivalent jFiles.
CapeSoft jFiles 3 and

Both are on special until the end of September.

But this is just the easy way to do XML and JSON. If you prefer to write your own code, then by all means go for it. It’s not hard since both formats are just text files. All it’ll take is a few days of your time.

What happened to getting rid of XML and moving to JSON? I’m having trouble keeping up.

I prefer JSON, but there’s an aweful lot of legacy xml out there. XML is massivly more complicated, and bigger enterprisd systems can make use of some of that complication.

So JSON isnt really a replacement for XML , but more a replacement for “most of XML” where XML was overkill. (Which is the case for most Clarion usage)

yes if you value your time then xFiles for XML and jFiles for JSON are well worth getting.

both xFiles4 and jFiles3 require StringTheory3 so getting the latest ST is a good start - and ST is also useful for so many other things. I often say that once you start using ST and adjust your thinking, you will never look back and will likely wonder how (or indeed why) you ever got by previously without it.

bias disclaimer: while I don’t work for Capesoft, I’ve had a hand in much of the code in ST. (But having said that, I am certainly not the only person who loves ST.)

It took 5 minutes to hook up the classes… we arnt new to classes or CPP…

Problem solved … and since its solved with a generic OOP solution it solved in every app that has managed queues…

Many thanks…