xTimers - Does it work?

Does anyone have experience with SealSoft’s xTimers.
I am looking for a way to control calls of various procedures according to some kind of calendar/task management.


Have you tried contacting Charles at Lansrad?

@LANSRAD Charles have you seen this thread ?

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Hi Niels,

The xTimer templates really don’t have anything to do with calendars and their tasks per se.

They allow you to have procedures, routines or code blocks that are executed after a certain amount of time has passed since the application started.

That said it would be possible to use them to call procedures in calendar or task management code to do things like check a file to see if there were new tasks, rebuild a calendar display, etc.

Does that help?

Hi Niels , I used to start some applications and coding is was very straight forward but I had some question and email for some tech support ,didn’t get any response , so no customer support ? .

Hello everyone

Thank you for your feedback. I think it ends up that I use the Windows Task Scheduler and call my clarion program with a command line for what needs to be done.