Yet another GDI+ usage: PhotoCorrector

I wrote a small (but powerful lol) image editor: PhotoCorrector.

You can:

  • Open an existing image (Ctrl+O), or create new one (Ctrl+N).
  • Select a color effect (blur, sharpen and so on).
  • Select an area on the image to apply selected color effect.
  • Save the changes (Ctrl+E). This affects the image in memory, not the file itself.
  • You can draw a text on the image, or rotate/flip selected fragment.
  • You can copy selected fragment (Ctrl+C) and then paste it into Paint or email client.
  • You can paste an image from clipboard (Ctrl+V), for example screenshots (Print Screen).
  • Save resulting image on disk (Ctrl-S).

The snapshots below:

  • original photo
  • same photo with sharpen effect
  • same photo with sharpen effect and the text at right-bottom edge.

The class which is the core of PhotoCorrector functionality, is for sale.
If someone is interested, or want to add similar functionality to his/her/its apps, let me know.