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Blog post: June 14, 2018

We’ve been extremely busy wrapping up C11 for Alpha/Beta 3rd party testing, updating documentation, and writing tests for all the new functionality coming to C11. In addition, we are also preparing for a final C10 release, and extending the Clarion chain in C11. In previous versions, the Clarion chain was extended to support ABC classes, but only at the local procedure level, in C11 the Clarion chain supports ABC classes at the global level, and that change will allow for the use of H5 in the Clarion chain.

so please be patient… and know that we are hard at work… for you.

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Thanks Brahn. Sounds like there might be a bit of oxygen left in the SV tank.
The days of checking the SV website or the bug reports for info have long passed for me.
Odd as it might be, SV seems almost irrelevant to the Clarion world in 2018.

I have an RSS feed setup in the cw-talk slack chat so I get notified there whenever a new blog post happens. Since I have slack open all the time now (way better than skype for chat, if you have the people there that is!).
The focus on H5 is a problem for me. I know it has it’s place and some folks love it, just not interested personally so that is my bias!

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I agree about H5 in many ways. If SV believes H5 is where to go, that is their choice. However, with very limited resources, they have clearly neglected other significant parts of the product.

In addition, one wonders why some product changes suddenly become a priority. When I read about something like updates to the status bar interface, I am completely underwhelmed. In all of the years since Clarion for Windows, I have NEVER had a user ask about or request more details on the status bar. While I would be happy to hear that my head is in the sand, my nickel is NOT on status bar importance.


I thought they did development/contracting themselves and always assumed that some of their direction comes from their direct clients. It does seem a bit mystical from the outside looking in!

Perhaps mystical by choice. It certainly seems as if something other than developer customers like me influence the investment decisions.

100% agree.
What was the logic of SV explaining a trivial feature like Status Bar in this detail?

There are so many known issues, feedback, wishlist that are still outstanding which are suggested by clarion developers from across the global. Instead of addressing them, SV seem to be doing things nobody has ever asked for.

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I agree with you. Unicode strings are one of the most expected changes