[ADDIN] CancelBuildButtons v0.10

Addin: CancelBuildButtons
Version: 0.10
Date: Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Adds two buttons, Cancel Build and Cancel Generation, on the toolbar of the output pad.


Aside from clicking the buttons to perform their assigned actions, you can configure the appearance of the button labels (show/hide) from the IDE options dialog.


  • Output pad toolbar button Cancel Build.
  • Output pad toolbar button Cancel Generation.
  • Optionally hide button labels, see Tools --> Options then in the Tools section there is a new item for Cancel Build/Generate Buttons.

Release Notes

Release: 0.10, 25 April 2012

CHANGE: Removed ClarionAddins global addin dependency.
CHANGE: Will now build the option dialog node if the global ClarionAddins addin is not found.

Release: 0.9, 18 April 2012

CHANGE: Now has ClarionAddins global addin dependency.
CHANGE: Options panel is now in ClarionAddins options section!

Release: 0.8, 24 February 2012

CHANGE: Added features list to the meta data
CHANGE: Removed imports code from addin definition
FIX: Item enable conditions are now setup correctly. This means that the buttons will enable/disable correctly. Well almost… they may not disable until the IDE decides to issue a refresh but at least now they respond properly!

Release: 0.7, 04 June 2011

FIX: Options dialog was pointing to old ClarionEdge node. Changed this to the Tools node
CHANGE: License now has a rst format link

Release: 0.6, 21 May 2011

FIX: .addin file was referencing old DLL name
CHANGE: No longer uses the Krypton Toolkit. This was only used for a single checkbox in the options dialog anyway!

Release: 0.5, 16 May 2011

CHANGE: Renamed project from CancelBuild to CancelBuildButtons. This makes the documentation generation much easier if all these names match.

Release: 0.4, 14 May 2011

CHANGE: Preparing for public release of source code. Making the VS project work without dependencies, adding docs, etc

Release: 0.3, 16 Oct 2010

FEATURE: Buttons labels are now option. Label state is configured in the IDE options window
CHANGE: Nicer icons for the buttons (from FamFamFam)
BLOG: Cancel Build Buttons addin v0.3 <http://www.clarionedge.com/clarion/addins/cancel-build-buttons-addin-v0-3.html>_

Release: 0.2, 06 Oct 2010

INFO: Public Release
FEATURE: Places Cancel buttons on the output pad
FIX: The “Cancel Generation” button will now be disabled until generation is actually in progress!
CHANGE: The imports used by this addin are no longer relative to its location so you can put the addin file where ever you want (in the appropriate addin locations of course!)
BLOG: Cancel Build/Generate buttons v0.2 <http://www.clarionedge.com/clarion/addins/cancel-buildgenerate-buttons.html>_

Release: 0.1, unknown

INFO: Internal Release