Awesome addin things for Clarionlive webinar#401

Sorry I can’t make it to the webinar today guys but I put together some links and thoughts to discuss :slight_smile:

Quick announcement… I have started the move towards integrating ClarionAddins with :boom:
The idea is that you install (using the installer!) and then just select the addin packages you want from within the IDE. Auto updates, versions, etc. There is a bit of work to go before that goal can be met but hang in there, I think the time has come.

The latest installer for the FREE is on the download page.
The details for ClarionAddins are also on the download page.

It’s all a little fresh so please be patient and any concerns or questions do ask and I shall respond!

Now for some addins, ideas and features you might not have knows exist!

Seriously, I would go mad looking at the built in startpage every time I open Clarion. Blurgh. :sob:
Get it. Now. -->

I mean look…

The Default StartPage:

Not only that, you can expand details for items, sort, filter/search and much more!

Shortcut to Source

See this topic for more A shortcut key from the app tree to go into viewing the source code?

This is just one feature in MainToolbarExtras addin. I use this ALL the time. Big love for this one!

NOTE: I just discovered that the latest Clarion has hot keys for those buttons now!!! :boom:

Of course… I still prefer my Alt+S. Using Alt+B is a bit of a contortion. I am biased :slight_smile:

Switching Editor Windows from the keyboard.

See the answer to this question: In the Clarion IDE, is there a practical way to switch between editor tabs using kbd short-cuts?

Use it all the time, gotta have it!
Using the fabulous KeyboardShortcuts addin.

Oh, and I was going to say “also re-map the Alt+W key so that you can open the window designer from the keyboard” but… WHAAA!?

It looks like SV have changed the shortcut on the button. Good call guys! Alt+I opens the windows designer.

(how long have these been there?!)

PropertyGridExtras - Remember expanded state

Like the title says, explained here in the topic PropertyGridExtras - Remember expanded state

I am so used to this I forget it is there :slight_smile:
Also, I like the other tweaks added to the property grid by this addin.

And the rest…

I have to wind it up so I am just going to put a few bullet points and then a list of all the addin topics that are now on this site. They still need some cleanup but hopefully you get the idea.

  • I am a big fan of how my IDE looks so the SetTheme is a big one for me.
  • Along that line there is also the SolutionIcons addin.
  • Combining those two with a dark syntax highlighting scheme and tweaking the IDE color scheme you can get a decent looking setup.
  • SearchPadExtras adds some handy things too, don’t forget that one!
  • ProjectBrowserExtras - WOW, I forgot about that one!
  • IDE Debug is strangely under-loved. I still feel that embedded DebugView(++) is neat as. NOTE: This addin is not just for helping debug the IDE, use it to help “debug” your programs too!
  • Ah… ClaEvaluate. The inspiration behind last weeks webinar! :blush:
  • CancelBuildButtons is one of the first addins I think. Pretty sure John and/or Arnold encouraged that too! Check out my old blog!
  • The ClarionLiveAddin could do with some love. It is built using Clarion# would you believe it!
  • ClearErrors - sometimes handy to have though I think out-of-the-box here is something similar now.
  • ImageViewer and UrlBinding have a bit of a niche audience but don’t pass them over… you might be missing out.
  • InsertClarionColor is still a good one and IMHO just a little better than the version that now ships with the IDE.

Check out the category here on ClarionHub in case I forgot something.
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Oh, did I mention that anyone who has already bought addins will get transitioned over to a subscription? I was thinking at least the first 6 months for free but do please let me know how you feel about that now system and we can work towards a suitable arrangement!