Custom Themes and Color Schemes for the IDE

How about this for a place to list custom themes for the IDE?

My effort for a “Dark” theme:

NOTE: This is a theme for the IDE itself. For syntax highlighting schemes see this topic.

To install an IDE theme you need to place it in C10\data\resources\ColorThemes like so:

NOTE: This is the C11 Version

Previous revision for C10:

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Note: I have updated the VSDark gist to work with the Latest Clarion10. The previous version would cause an exception in the docking container rendering for some reasons. It appears it doesn’t like certain values in the GradientEnd property.

Any idea to make panels (i.e. Solution Explorer, Applications list, Error/Warnings list etc) dark too ?

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Unfortunately so far I have not been able to make that work.

The best effort so far is a combination of a few things. I will illustrate the layers one by one :smile:

0. Plain old IDE

1. Add the already!

2. Apply a “toolbar color scheme”

Using the custom VSDark Theme file linked earlier in this thread will get you started. :arrow_heading_up:

Looking a little darker but the menus are kinda off…

3. The SetTheme addin from ClarionAddins

Grab the SetTheme addin from ClarionAddins and apply the VSBlack theme palette:

NOTE: You need to reboot at this point to get the two theming components to “combine” properly. Once you are back it will look like this:

4. Apply the PropertyGridExtras addin from ClarionAddins

With the PropertyGridExtras addin applied you can right-click on the property grid to bring up a context menu with a few options:

From there you can set things like font and theme also:

5. Round it all off by applying a syntax highlighting scheme

There are a few contributions here on Clarion hub - Share your custom syntax highlighting scheme here!

All combined you can get it pretty close:

I did look into enumerating all the PAD controls and tweaking the backgrounds but there is very specific painting going on in some of them that makes it just not worthwhile without some changes in the internals of the IDE I think.

Hope that helps!

p.s. Thanks to @jbrugger recently for helping me clarify this process :smile:

My eyes are hurting with the bright white background color in the IDE…
The ideas mentioned here appears to be useful. But the links to download IDE-AddIns are not functional anymore.
Is it actually possible to change the background color of the apptree

Could anyone share a copy?

On Win10, if you press Windows Key + A, you should get the Toast notification window popup and you might have the Night light button at the bottom. Switch it on by toggling the switch and to adjust the brightness, right mouse click on the button and choose Go to Settings.

Alternatively, Start button, Gear Icon labeled Settings, in the search box type Night Light, in the Display window select Night light settings, or in the Cortana search box on the task bar just type Night Light and select the result.

In the Night light settings window, I have the slider at 40 which reduces the glare sufficiently to stop my retina’s from aching.

I also have the monitors RGB set to Red 90, Green 80 and Blue 80. It means the white is more like reading the Financial Times ie the white is more orange, but it enables me to spend hours in front of the monitors.

Side Fact. Old Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TV’s and Monitors emit X rays, which would also make eyes water if too close to them.

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Unfortunately, Brahn passed away last year.

It looks like is now gone, which is where his add-ins were based.