Any screenshots of Clarion 10?

@alpeshvc asked the question over here about seeing screenshots of Clarion 10.

How about we put some up?
Please share your your layout in the replies!

Hint: The easiest way is to just paste the image into the topic reply edit window (assuming you are using a fairly modern browser).

  • Make sure the Clarion 10 IDE window is in focus
  • Hit Alt+Print and then,
  • Hit reply to this topic and paste it in - Ctrl+V

Clarion 10.11834 on Windows 10


Start Page

SV People Example App

Custom Version!

Of course a screenshot series from me would not be complete if I didn’t include a customised version. Here it is with a few adjustments:


Here is mine… really simple:


This is how I configure the IDE:


What is the difference between Clarion 10 Enterprise Edition to Professional Edition ?

It looks promising… It now started to take shape like a modern development IDE. It would be good to see a feature list that was not in 6.3.

These all look really good. As an avid report writer in clarion, any screen shots of the reports section. Can I finally drag and multi select in reports ?.