In the Clarion IDE, is there a practical way to switch between editor tabs using kbd short-cuts?

There are two ways actually!

1. Using the fabulous KeyboardShortcuts addin.

Obviously I use this one, I wrote it! :slight_smile:
Simply assign the SWB of Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to the Next/Prev Window menu items:

2. Using the built in Menu Shortcuts feature.

Hmm… actually I just assumed that you could but when I went to make a screenshot it appears that no, you cannot. Sorry!

No idea why they filter out the Next/Prev Window menu items. Is it just my machine because I have been using the KeyboardShortcuts addin?

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The KeyboardShortcuts addin page has some extra ideas. This is the first thing I do on a new Clarion installation, cannot live without!

Some Example of my favourites:

  • Change the Edit menu accelerator from Alt-E to Alt-I. This frees Alt+E to open the embed editor from the Application Tree.
  • Same as above for the Project menu.
  • I also adjust Search to work in conjunction with the Open Source feature of the MainToolbarExtras addin
  • Remove the shortcut assigned to Reload File allows Debug ‣ Make and Run All to work!
  • Change Next Filled Embed shortcut from Control-J to Control-Alt-J to allow snippets to work. More info here.
  • Assign Control-Tab and Control-Shift-Tab forWindow ‣ Next Window and Window ‣ Prev Window.

Brahn’s Keyboard Addin is great.
I’ve used it for many years and it is one of the first things I add to any Clarion installation, along with Main Toolbar Extras, Editor Extras and Propert Grid Extras.
I also use the SharpeDevelop SelectWord addin.

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Thanks Rick!

The SharpDevelop SelectWord addin is included in the EditorExtras addin, with a few tweaks IIRC, but for anyone who wants to get it directly the original source is still available

I posted recently about the PropertyGridExtras - Remember expanded state feature in case anyone is curious :slight_smile: