PropertyGridExtras - Remember expanded state

Did you know one of the features of the PropertyGridExtras addin is to remember expanded state of the property tree?


So for example, when I first select a prompt in the window designer the property grid looks like this:

Generally of course I am only really interested in a few of those properties so I contract a bunch down and end up with this:

Now I click on a different prompt control and… WOW, same contracted state, woo hoo! :slight_smile:

There is also another feature - Remember selected property. That is pretty neat too.

Hey @ArnorBld does this info help? The addin seems to be working fine as-is in the latest C10 I have running. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Brahn! I’m working in C9.1 at the time on a client project so I hope it works in 9 too:)

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Let me know if you have any issues, it should be simple enough to retarget c9 if needed but I think they are compatible from at least c8 :slight_smile: