[ADDIN] KeyboardShortcuts v0.11

Addin: KeyboardShortcuts
Version: 0.11
Date: Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Configure common key bindings for menu and toolbar items.


… note:: See Tools --> Options --> General --> Keyboard for a list of available items. Make a selection from the list and use the controls below to create, change or remove an assignment!


  • Re-assign top level menu accelerator keys.
  • Re-assign menu item shortcut keys.
  • Re-assign toolbar shortcut keys.

Some Example of my favourites:

  • Change the Edit menu accelerator from Alt-E to Alt-I. This frees Alt+E to open the embed editor from the Application Tree.
  • Same as above for the Project menu.
  • I also adjust Search to work in conjunction with the Open Source feature of the :doc:MainToolbarExtras addin
  • Remove the shortcut assigned to Reload File allows Debug --> Make and Run All to work!
  • Change Next Filled Embed shortcut from Control-J to Control-Alt-J to allow snippets to work. More info here <http://support.fushnisoft.com/thebuggenie/wiki/CodeSnippets>_
  • Assign Control-Tab and Control-Shift-Tab for Window --> Next Window and Window --> Prev Window

Release Notes

Release: 0.11, 25 April 2012

CHANGE: Removed ClarionAddins global addin dependency.
CHANGE: Will now build the option dialog node if the global ClarionAddins addin is not found.

Release: 0.10, 18 April 2012

CHANGE: Now has ClarionAddins global addin dependency.
CHANGE: Options panel is now in ClarionAddins options section!

Release: 0.9, 3 March 2012

FIX: The assignment of new shortcuts now handles exceptions quietly so as to not stop the IDE from loading in case of a problem!

Release: 0.8, 3 March 2012

FIX: Toolbar items have been excluded. This is a temporary situation until I can work out how to handle them correctly.

Release: 0.7, 11 January 2012

FEATURE: Now supports changing the text of the top level menu labels. This allows you to adjust the accelerator key used!

Release: 0.6, 20 October 2011

FIX: Options dialog now ignores menu items that were not detected when the IDE starts up. At the moment it is not possible to reliably re-assign shortcut overrides for these. Support for this will be added in a future release.
NOTE: If you have installed and used v0.5 it might be best if you reset your keybindings by deleting %appdata%\SoftVelocity\Clarion\8.0\AddIns\KeyBindings.xml

Release: 0.5, 19 October 2011

INFO: First public release!
FEATURE: Instead of a pad the configuration is now in the options dialog.
FEATURE: List available menu and toolbar items with an icon if available and the menu name or toolbar button tooltip.
FEATURE: Assign a new shortcut, override original shortcut with “none” or clear new shortcut.
FEATURE: When specifying a new shortcut a search will be made to see if there is an existing assignment with the same key data
NOTE: There may be issues with some shortcut changes because of the way the AppGen interface passes keystrokes around. Hopefully not though! Let me know if you find any issues with this.
NOTE: Not all menu and toolbar items are currently available. I hope to be able to improve support for others in the future.

Release: 0.4, 16 October 2011

INFO: Internal build

Release: 0.3, 16 October 2011

INFO: Internal build

Release: 0.2, 16 October 2011

INFO: Internal build

Release: 0.1, 07 June 2011

INFO: Development started