[ADDIN] PropertyGridExtras v1.1

Addin: PropertyGridExtras
Version: 1.1
Date: Thursday, 18 July 2013


Styling and functional enhancements for the default Property Grid.


Once installed use the context menu or the Tool button on the toolbar to configure the additional options.


  • Set grid font type and size.
  • Show additional indentation.
  • Auto adjust label column.
  • Remember expanded state.
  • Remember selected property.
  • Set grid theme (original, basic, light, dark).

Release Notes

Release: 1.1, 18 July 2013

FIX: Compatability with C9.

Release: 0.21, 12 June 2012

CHANGE: Finally reproduced (and fixed!) an exception in the grid_SelectedObjectChanged event.

Release: 0.20, 8 June 2012

CHANGE: internal release, more exception handling

Release: 0.19, 7 June 2012

CHANGE: Catch possible null ref during SelectedObjectChanged event.

Release: 0.18, 25 April 2012

CHANGE: Removed ClarionAddins global addin dependency.

Release: 0.17, 18 April 2012

CHANGE: Now has ClarionAddins global addin dependency.

Release: 0.16, 19 March 2012

FIX: Bug#43 <http://support.fushnisoft.com/thebuggenie/clarionaddins/issues/43>_ Selection is now restored correctly for all properties.
FIX: Bug#43 <http://support.fushnisoft.com/thebuggenie/clarionaddins/issues/43>_ As mentioned in the comments, there is now a workaround implemented for restoring the grid state when opening the window/report designer. The workaround is using a delay value for the restoration when opening the designer. The default value is 1000 milliseconds (1 Second) which seems to be OK in my testing but it is configurable from the grid options if you have any issues or just want to play with it.

Release: 0.15, 14 March 2012

FIX: Remember Selected Property feature was not working correctly for properties 3 levels deep (e.g. AT/Height/Value). This change is a temporary patch that disables the feature only on those properties. Full fix coming soon.

Release: 0.14, 8 March 2012

FIX: Remember Selected Property feature now also saves and restores child properties correctly.
CHANGE: Toolbar icons are now 24x24 so they look better with default toolbar size

Release: 0.13, 7 March 2012

INFO: Internal Beta Release

Release: 0.12, 7 March 2012

INFO: Internal Beta Release

Release: 0.11, 7 March 2012

FIX: Possible fix for All state handling issues. Restore state on initial grid loading, on TAB to next property, on moving controls with cursor keys, on multiple selections, etc
FEATURE: Option (on by default) to save/restore the property selection. This includes focusing the selected property within the grid!

Release: 0.10, 29 February 2012

FIX: Possible fix for NullReferenceException with C8 build 8973

Release: 0.9, 28 February 2012

FIX: Fingers crossed this is the definitive fix for the issues plaguing the restire tree state feature! It looks like I have found the correct way to override the default expand all on opening as well as when the grid has focus.
FIX: Well… there is one catch with the above fix. If you select a control in the designer and move it using the cursor keys then the grid state becomes fully expanded. The good news is that as soon as you move focus away from that selected control the saved state is restored :slight_smile:

Release: 0.8, 27 February 2012

INFO: Internal Release

Release: 0.7, 26 February 2012

INFO: Internal Release

Release: 0.6, 8 October 2011

FIX: Create temp directory if it doesn’t already exist. Normal this is handled by the IDE but only when you first open a text file for editing, not if you go straight to a property grid!
FIX: The property enumerator was not correctly looping over all child properties. This could result in some descendants not being saved/restored.
FIX: The initial load of window and report designers is sending a few extra ExpandAll commands. These appear to now be correctly suppressed allowing the restore to function correctly.

Release: 0.5, 4 October 2011

BLOG: PropertyPadExtras – Automatic save/restore grid state! <http://www.clarionedge.com/clarion/addins/propertypadextras-automatic-saverestore-grid-state.html>_
FEATURE: Save and restore expanded state of grid categories
FEATURE: Expand/Contract all buttons added to the grid toolbar
FEATURE: Options button added to the grid toolbar
FEATURE: Grow/Shrink font feature now expanded to allow you to also set the font type. Configuration is available in the Options dialog
FEATURE: Grid ToolStripRenderMode changed to ManagerRenderMode. This means that the toolstrip will be correctly styled if you have the SetTheme <http://clarionaddins.com/addins/SetTheme.html>_ addin installed.
CHANGE: Reset font now detects the correct font from the main IDE form
CHANGE: Internal code refactored for easier maintenance and better performance
CHANGE: Screenshot updated

Release: 0.4, 21 May 2011

CHANGE: Preparing for public release of source code. Making the VS project work without dependencies, adding docs, etc

Release: 0.3, 16 Oct 2010

FEATURE: Show Additional Indentation – When set to true, displays Property indentations as the Microsoft PropertyGrid does (except for the first level whose +/- glyphs won’t appear in the left most column).
FEATURE: Auto Adjust Label Column – Resizes the label column to adjust itself to the longest label.
FEATURE: Themes (using the DrawManger) – There are 3 build in themes and an additional Dark theme that I have borrowed from the SmartPropertyGrid code example.
BLOG: PropertyGridExtras addin v0.3 – now with Additional Settings! <http://www.clarionedge.com/clarion/addins/propertygridextras-addin-v0-3-now-with-additional-settings.html>_

Release: 0.2, 03 March 2011

FIX: There was an issue with restoring the saved font using the incorrect Font.Unit in some circumstances."

Release: 0.1, 03 March 2011

INFO: Initial Release
BLOG: PropertyGridExtras addin v0.1 – Grow/Shrink font size <http://www.clarionedge.com/clarion/addins/propertygridextras-addin-v0-1-growshrink-font-size.html>_

Brahn, is this compatible with C10?

Yes, works fine. Hard to live without in fact :slight_smile:

thank you! good to know :slight_smile:

BTW can’t find download link…

The addins are all included as part of the Devstart.io subscription now.
More details here - https://devstart.io/download.html

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