[ADDIN] SetTheme v0.10

Addin: SetTheme
Version: 0.10
Date: Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Configure your IDE with a colourful theme!


Applies themed elements to many parts of the IDE. Includes several built in themes as well as a PaletteDesigner so you can make your own themes.


  • Choose from a selection of themes to apply to the IDE!
  • Includes a palette designer to design your own theme too.

Release Notes

Release: 0.10, 25 April 2012

CHANGE: Removed ClarionAddins global addin dependency.
CHANGE: Will now build the option dialog node if the global ClarionAddins addin is not found.
CHANGE: Improved option dialog UI

Release: 0.9, 18 April 2012

CHANGE: Now has ClarionAddins global addin dependency.
CHANGE: Options panel is now in ClarionAddins options section!

Release: 0.8, 4 October 2011

CHANGE: Assembly resolve code mode to a separate assembly

Release: 0.7, 27 September 2011

CHANGE: Added assembly resolve code
CHANGE: Added 8 additional custom themes!

Release: 0.6, 04 June 2011

CHANGE: Preparing for public release of source code. Making the VS project work without dependencies, adding docs, etc

Release: 0.5, 10 Dec 2010

FIX: Custom themes now contain a workaround for GAC issues.
FIX: Now includes all the correct DLLs so that you can actually run the PaletteDesigner!
BLOG: SetTheme fixed – v0.5 <http://www.clarionedge.com/clarion/addins/settheme-fixed-v0-5.html>_

Release: 0.4, 08 Dec 2010

FEATURE: The palette selection now uses the Krypton Palette Selector <http://paletteselectors.codeplex.com/>_ controls found on CodePlex <http://www.codeplex.com/>_ which gives a much improved interface.
FEATURE: Now supports custom themes!
FEATURE: Comes with 4 custom themes to get you started (these were originally found on the Krypton Toolkit Forums <http://www.componentfactory.com/forums/>)
FEATURE: Addin download package also includes the Krypton Palette Designer so you can create your own IDE themes.
BLOG: SetTheme addin updated (v0.4) <http://www.clarionedge.com/clarion/addins/settheme-addin-updated-v0-4.html>

Release: 0.3, ?

INFO: Internal Release

Release: 0.2, ?

INFO: Internal Release

Release: 0.1, 07 Nov 2010

INFO: Initial Release
BLOG: SetTheme addin–Give the C7 IDE a new look! <http://www.clarionedge.com/clarion/addins/settheme-addin.html>_