Allerup Report Designer - where to get it?

Allerup Report Designer - where to get it? Does anybody know where I can download a recent version?

I see that at

it includes

Allerup Report Designer Source for C55 | Free | 12/4/2003

that version is 20 years old but I don’t know if that is the most recent/last.


Geoff R

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Thank you, Geoff

I already found that version and yep it’s quite old.

I asked because recently I saw some version for C7 or so, don’t remember exactly… Anyway thanks!


I maintained it up to Clarion 8 - Just made sure the new Lib and DLL files are compiled and the Templates keeps on working. if you send me an email at ben@riebens. com, I can send you the source and the Clarion 8 compiled versions.

Nothing was changed in it, except a few small issues resolved.

I recently purchased Clarion 11 and was considering upgrading it to Clarion 11. (Source code of cause onceagain available)

How are you feeling about the change from C8 to C11? I too am using C8 and have been thinking of upgrading to get the H5 capability.

It may not be a big overall change to me as I never made the jump to ABC templates even though I have been using Clarion since the 2.1 days.



I use clarion 8 for builjng examples. I use clarion 11 for my daily work.

The difference between them is night and day. I dislike the c8 ide because so many of the features i am used to are missing.

Personally you could not pay me enough to stay on c8. Well, i guess you could, but it would be a high price.


Ben, I also need it for C11 please. I’ll call you in the week.

If it is definitely open source these days, why not post it here in case anyone else comes looking for it? Just a thought.


Geoff R

I have it working on Clarion 11 as a standalone designer. Been a bit busy with clients and year end coming up. Still need to go through the templates and two small places in the designer, then build the EXEs, DLLs, Libs and package the templates.

I will get this done over the next 2-3 weeks…

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The definite source code is on the mitton software site. I updated it to Clarion 6 and then Clarion 7 and Clarion 8 - and did some modifications to it, then only started using Clarion 11 recently.

So even though the original is available source, nobody did anything with it.
The version i modified is free (with source), but no open-source repository where multiple people can contribute, except to me via email and then we look at it. Last person to contribute was KC Chin.

Would be great if someone wants to create an open-source system for it. There is a lot of work that can be done to it.

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