Almost 300 users... some site stats for the last month! Edit: We made it to 300, woot!

Since I posted about the Clarionhub on comp.lang.clarion last month we have grown from 250 users to the current 291. Awesome stuff and welcome all you new folks!

Since this is the meta category I am not going to talk about Clarion but rather, I thought I would share some stats about the site for your entertainment. Personally I find this stuff really interesting, hopefully you will enjoy it too :slight_smile:


A few months back I enabled Cloudflare to act as a CDN in front of the Digital Ocean server. The analytics they provide are pretty neat. Here are some screenshots from the last month:


I use Piwik for my own site analytics rather than the typical Google offering as I like the self hosting option among other reasons. Checkout the great spread of countries that our visitors are coming from!

The device stats are also pretty interesting, it seems most folks are coming from their desktop which I found surprising. On the other hand, we are power users and the content here is more suited to work time which means desktops!

Quite a nice, up to date, spread of OS and Browser usage too:

Google Search Analytics

Finally the search stats can be interesting too. Why are people searching for “clarion 10 download” so much?!

I hope that was interesting and a bit of fun. Now I am off to the Newsgroups again to see if I can encourage another 9 folks over here so we can hit the 300 user mark… I can feel a new badge coming on!!!


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Outstanding! Just out of interest, what size Digital Ocean droplet are you using to host ClarionHub? Are you using the predefined Discourse image, or did you install it from scratch on a raw Linux image?

Thanks @Devan! I was using the $10/month droplet up until a month or so ago. With 1GB swap configured it mostly worked ok but performance was uneven. I was in the process of adding another discourse instance and as a trial I resized to 2GB just to see what it was like. I feel that the site was noticeably more responsive though I didn’t run any conclusive tests. About the only hard evidence I have is that the google bot crawl stats show:

(BTW, the server is now hosting 4 discourse sites using their multisite feature!)

I also use newrelic to monitor both the server and the app although that only goes back 7 days. At the time I was using newrelic to get a rough idea of the impact of the changes. The observable result was pretty much everything flattening out instead of having odd spikes all over the place as different services were being starved of resources on the poor old 1GB server. There should be more than enough headroom to handle a way bigger load now though so… more users!! :slight_smile:

Newrelic APM

Newrelic Server

I followed their Install Discourse in Under 30 Minutes guide initially. It was changing pretty fast back then so there was a bunch of tweaking going on. I now track the stable branch which means major updates every few months and the occasional security patch. This is much less overhead but they are still developing heavily so you miss out on some of the whizzbang new features for a bit.

Welcome @Edvard_Korsbaek as our very own 300th Member! Thanks for joining and good stuff everyone, keep it going!

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