Who owns/manages ClarionHub and Skype groups?

Is this an independent Clarion resource?
What about Skype:
Clarion Live Chat and CW-Talk?

Who owns/manages ClarionHub

Hi @Johan_van_Zyl, that would be me!! :slight_smile: :fireworks:

Is this an independent Clarion resource?

I assume you mean independent of SoftVelocity?
Yes, absolutely.
We do have @bob.ricketts here but he has not (yet!) had much opportunity to be active. Of course I like to mention him directly whenever I get the opportunity :slight_smile:

For more details I point you to some things I prepared earlier.

This topic is the general “welcome” information

In there is a link to the more specific “Who runs this site?”.

For convenience, a direct link:

When we hit 300 members (now more than 450!) I posted some, I think, interesting details and stats about the site:

Another great topic is the “This site is awesome, how can I help?!” one:

And the all important “What is the future of this site, will my data (topics/posts) disappear?” question:

I feel like there are others, once you get through the above please hit me up with more questions. I love answering them!! :slight_smile:

What about Skype:
Clarion Live Chat and CW-Talk?

For these, I suggest you ask on Skype or I can mention @MarkGoldberg, @Mark_Sarson, @Bruce, @John_Hickey, @ArnoldYoung who might be available at some point to respond here directly.

Good to have you here @Johan_van_Zyl and thanks for the questions!

Thank you for that most comprehensive answer! GOOD NEWS!
I was banned from SoftVelocity Newsgroups after I created my FaceBook Clarion Developers/Programmers page because I used Clarion and SoftVelocity graphic files.

No problem!

On this site direct moderation by admins is of course possible as well as the ability for general users to “flag” a post for attention by admin/moderators. The idea is that the community itself can contribute to what is ok and what is not.

The FAQ has more specifics but really, the idea is to simply play nice :slight_smile: