Who runs this site?

ClarionHub is run by me, @brahn from Fushnisoft . Hi there! :slight_smile:

I was following the development of Discourse for some time until it reached a level of maturity that looked like I could handle the admin. At that point I registered the ClarionHub.com domain, redirected my old ClarionWiki domain jumped in and became a host! Currently I run three discourse websites from the one server using the built in “multisite” discourse feature.

The site is hosted on a basic Ubuntu droplet at DigitalOcean in their NYC2 datacenter. It could do with some more RAM and I am considering resizing the droplet but for now, and given the current traffic the sites receive, it seems to be coping pretty well.

If you are interested in hosting with them and have any questions please send me a PM and I am happy to go into details.

Also… please use my DigitalOcean referral link and you will get a $10 credit and I get a kickback.
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If you want your own instance let me know and I am happy to help and/or get you going for a fee.

If you want to give it a go yourself, get some hosting from DigitalOcean (referral link, you get $10 credit!) and follow the awesome official guide Install Discourse in Under 30 Minutes.


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