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Welcome to ClarionHub, the unofficial discussion site for the Clarion developer community! Here you will find a range of topics and posts mostly related, but not limited to, discussion for and about the Clarion Development Environment (IDE) by SoftVelocity and the Clarion Programming Language.

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First launched in Apil 2014 as an experiment for an alternative to newsgroups and as an excuse to try out the Discourse discussion platform, ClarionHub has now grown to over 200 users with more coming almost every day!

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Who owns/manages ClarionHub and Skype groups?
ClarionHub on ClarionLive, Nov 2016!
ClarionHub reaches 200+ users!

I really, really like how nice this is to use from a small device (using a tablet at the moment). I am yet to try from a phone but that should work fine too!


Using a Samsung Note 4 at the moment and no difficulty reading the notes.



Thanks for the feedback @dgleduc and great to see you around again!


Also working great on my iPhone 7 Plus.

Best regards