Anybody there who has integrated with Magento/eBay using Web APIs?

Hi all,
One of the upcoming projects we have in the pipeline is to integrate our Clarion application with Magento/eBay using it’s own web API. I am unsure how to go about this.

Is there anybody out there who has already integrated with Magento/eBay before? My Clarion application uses TPS files as backend.



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Is it REST API? Link?

Thanks RaFaeL ,
Skim reading the api guide suggest that they both support REST as well as SOAP APIs.

Hi Matthew,

Not Magento or eBay but have done Amazon and eBay looks similar. I’m hoping so as I have to do this for a client over the next month. Will keep in touch as I get it done.


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If REST, it’s easy. You just need libcurl and JSONDataClass. For example, I integrate my app with Google Calendar API with this in couple of lines

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Thanks @RaFaeL

I’ll have a look and see where I get with it… Cheers