TopSpeed ODBC Driver

Hi All,
How good is the Topspeed ODBC driver? I haven’t bought it yet.

I am planning to write a C# application. This application will need to access some 30 TPS files (read/write). Hence, I was thinking of using the Topspeed ODBC driver. Does anyone foresee an issue with this approach?



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I haven’t used the ODBC driver for about 10 years, and really only used it for reporting, but it worked ok.
Your alternative would be to write an API for the C# program to access the files (perhaps in clarion# )

Thanks Seanh,
The whole purpose of the ODBC was to access TPS files from a .NET language. The reason for that was to interact with Magento and eBay Web APIs.
If I were to write in clarion#, then I assume I do not have to write in C# as clarion# natively supports tps files and will be able to consume web services too!

How stable is Clarion#? Is it production ready? I have hardly heard anything at all about clarion# in forums and other clarion sites.



The ODBC should allow you to do that.

I haven’t used Clarion# either, but some on the newsgroups have
production programs out there.

The templates aren’t real flash, but for hand code it’s apparently fine.

Sean H

I’ve been having some real issues using TopSpeed ODBC driver recently when OLE DB for ODBC connection.
The connection will not open without throwing an error.
Appears the select statement passed through to the driver is the area of the failing.
Kind of odd though. Any of the MS VS languages C, VB… failed throwing the error, but connecting to external data from Excel was OK.
I’d be weary before committing too far.

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I think the last build was in 2012. There are no templates, no code generator. IMO it’s dead and never got more than about half way. It does have a Clarion# compiler and it can access Clarion and TPS files, but that’s about the only advantage it has. There are a few people who have used it, but in the past 2 years there have been 10 posts on the Clarion# newsgroup.

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Thanks Arnor,
With that info, I am not confident going Clarion# route. I’ll have to work on a different strategy.



Technically, I believe it is still called beta.

Has anyone ever got the topspeed 32 bit ODBC driver to work in windows 10 (64 bit) ?

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