Anyone know why c5.5 apps lock up on windows 10?


Is there a way to use a c5.5 exe on windows 10 by adding a manifest or a window proc subclass or …?

The conversion to c11 is not going well.


I was helped on this site with a similar problem, maybe a year ago. My C5.5 was on Windows Vista and wouldn’t work on Win10. The funny thing was that an .exe produced on Vista a long time ago worked on Win10, but Clarion couldn’t be transferred to Win10. The explanation I got, was the difference between 16bit, 32bit and 64 bit o/s. When the processors changed from 16bit to 32bit, you could still run 16bit programs. But when it changed again to 64bit, you could no longer run 16bit programs (but you could run 32bit programs). The IDE of C5.5. is, at least partly, 16-bit. Therefore C5.5 is outdated. But it can produce 32bit .exe, so the old .exe should work on Win10. If the old .exe-file is 16bit, it won’t work (if you chose to make it 16bit). So with C5.5 you must develop on an older machine and compile to 32bit to make the .exe work on Win10.



I was looking for a specific message sequence that causes the 32 bit c5.5 apps to lock up when running on win 10.


I don’t know in more depth. I have just barely tried a 32bit C5.5 .exe on Win10 and seen it running. As long as it’s not a 16bit .exe, it could work, that’s all that I know…


try clicking on another program and back to the c5.5 32 bit program by clicking on the title bar. Usually it locks up after 1 or 2 attempts on windows 10.


I see what you mean. I tried an old program from 2006, “warkiv.exe” (warchive.exe), clicked back and forth, and the app died (but was still on the screen). I had to End Task with Task Manager. So you need someone with more expertise. If I was going to revive such an application, I would try to convert .dct and .app files and regenerate .clw and .exe with C11. I must admit I’ve never done it. The only program I upgraded, was handcoded (.clw only).


I posted a similar entry more than a year ago and was never really given an answer. Just told to upgrade to Clarion 10. I saw that when a screen consisted mostly of buttons and few or no entry fields, it would appear to hang when it lost focus. Usually hitting Alt-tab will get the focus back to the app but not always. I found screens with listboxes were not as likely to hang.

I agree with you, migrating to Clarion 10/11 is very painful and I have run into a multitude of threading problems which make absolutely no sense. Let me know if you find anything more with C5.5 on Windows 10.


I really wonder why you have so severe problems with upgrading to C10/11.
I find it mostly a question of hours instead of days when I have to do it.
Could be so, that you find one who is familiar with the task, and let him/her do the job to a clean compile.



If C11 was better than C5.5 it would just be the threading issue to resolve. C11 is not better than c5.5 for my application.

C11 is 30-50% slower performing create control operations. This is most of my program.

C11 gpfs/locks up when hidden windows are used.

C11 can not have as many images/icons linked in w/o splitting the app into a exe and dll for a linking issue.

My specific app is all hand code so I don’t appreciate any of the many improvements in the templates/app gen area.




I get your points, but:
The C5.5 dll’s is optimized for Windows XP/Win 2000
As Windows goes through more and more cycles, you suddenly find errors, which you just can’t resolve - You seems to have found one.
So my suggestion is still to upgrade - And it seems like my proposal for the way to do it was a bit impolite. I do not know you, but it seems like you are more experienced than I am, and at least have more knowledge about Clarion programming than I have.