Application Manifest options

The Application Manifest tab has some options for which there is not much in the way of explanation;

Why would we check/tick (or not) the following settings:

  • Do not use Themed Controls ?
    – is this, perhaps, an old XP setting ?

  • Set dpiAware to true ?
    – Dots-per-inch, presumably ??

  • Controls inside TAB
    – These settings (TRN versus COLOR) are mutually exclusive
    – Why/when would one choose one over the other ?

  • SHEET controls do not use the OS Theme color
    – Is this related in any way with the first option (above) ?

A follow-up question: How do most developers configure their apps for basic user access (AsInvoker, presumably) ?

Regards, John M

Haven’t you tried press F1 while on this page?

By the way, the generated manifest file contains incorrect or missing settings related to dpi (dpiAware, dpiAwareness), I’ve posted in newsgroups a template that fixes the issue.

Yes, I have, Mike … that’s why I say there is not much in the way of explanation for any of the options that I list above. They’re mostly a complete mystery (other than what I might guess at).

For just one example (of the 4 I listed); what is “dpiAwareness” ?


You can’t get there from the index. My machine’s off, but I think if you search for Application Manifest, you can find a hyperlink in the text of one of the choices, which opens a whole page of what you’re looking for.

Thanks, Jeff - Unfortunately, tho, both methods take us to the same help-page, headed “Manifest Support”, where there’s no explanation for any of the options I’ve listed above.

I’m quite sure, tho, that they’re “non-mysterious” to many readers on this site … ?? ??


About dpiAwareness.

Generated manifest has following options:

<asmv3:windowsSettings xmlns="">

Correct manifest should look like this:

  <dpiAware xmlns="">True/PM</dpiAware>
  <dpiAwareness xmlns="">PerMonitorV2</dpiAwareness>