Apps cannot be reloaded/reopened the second time onwards

If you have a solution with more than 1 projects in it. Open both the app and close one of the them and try re-open the app/project again. It will remain stuck showing the Loading application with a rotating progress bar.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Open/load both the apps within the IDE (they should both be showing on separate tabs).
  1. Now close using the (x) on the tab. When prompted to save, you may click on any of the options.
  1. Re-Open using the solution explorer.

Expected results:

  1. It might come up with a white screen showing the text “Loading application” with a spinning loading image. OR;
  1. It will not show any visual indication of what it is doing in the background. When you try to re-open again, it might say " this application is being loaded in the background… or something in the those lines".

In both the above situations, it will fail to re-load the app and IDE will now need to be task killed.

This has started to become such a time consuming thing. I have a huge solution with over 50 apps/projects in them. There are several several times a day, I have to force kill by IDE. This always runs the risk of app corruption too.

Has anyone else come across this?

Clarion 10 | Window 10 Enterpise 64 | Intel i7 | 8 GB RAM
PTSS 42463



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