Can the IDE menu's hide the items not used often? Create my own IDE Toolbar?

Can the IDE menu’s hide the items not used often so only the frequently used menu items appear first with the down arrows at the end of the list to expand and show all the menu items?

Alternatively can I create my own IDE toolbar or modify the existing IDE toolbar icons to arrange them how I like, add and subtract icons? I tried dragging a menu item onto the menu bar but that doesnt work.

You can write a custom addin to manipulate the menu. @brahn has a simple example posted here.

I’ve been going through the IDE, cant find any reference to appgen line height, which would be nice to tweak in the appgen along with the font, size and style.

I’ve been getting the impression, this IDE should be customisable, which makes me wonder if anyone has managed to bolt the Clarion elements into another IDE? Not knocking #Develop, but I get the impression Clarion could be linked into other IDE’s.

Found some oddities, like Tools, Application Options, can change the appgen font without an IDE restart, but the Tools, Options, needs an IDE restart, ok it has more font options which apply to the IDE app pads etc along with the Clarion appgen element.

I’ve had to install Freewheel back onto my W10Pro machine because Win10 seem incapable of scrolling the properties apppad using my mousewheel when the pointer hovers over it.

Seems like MS dont consider app pads to be windows even though they can undock and become a window. I even have the Win10 Settings option “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” switched on, but it makes no difference to the IDE.

I’ll check out the info above in more detail. Thanks!