Check box in eip browse works for me but not on other computer

I have a browse using eip, EditCheckClass. I have a check box for the user to select records.
On my computer it works fine. On a colleagues computer the screen crashes when double click to turn on the check mark.
Using Clarion 10 build 12567
Both computers are windows 10
Any thoughts as to why the one computer doesn’t like the check box?

Hi Viola,

It doesn’t make much sense on the face of it.
I do wonder if you have the same exe/dlls etc. running on both machines.

Let’s start by determining where it’s crashing

Mark’s right about the debugging versions of the RTL - this is an example from our system recently

From the stack trace info the developer knows the APP RAA54 the module RAA54036 the line number in the module 1156 and the procedure/routine.
In this case the BUILD_DATA_QUEUE_FROM_CSV Routine

We overwrite the CLARUN.DLL in \bin with the \bin\debug version so it’s always used
NB you also have a debug lib version of the RTL in \lib\debug for ‘standalone’ apps.