Check TPS File for errors without opening it

is there a way to check for errors (mainly corruption) without opening files ?
i think of a list where i can select some files and press a button to return errors for each of the selected files.
i’m not fluent in english; it’s natural.

Take a look at TPSFix in the Help.
Also, if you are using FM3, then there is support for importing a procedure to do exactly what you are describing. Look at the Runtime File Manager in the FM3 docs.

I doubt that there are any products that could perform the functions that you want without opening a table/file.

But maybe ask Jorge if this product would be appropriate for your needs?

File tuner uses TPSFix and Topscan, so that is not what i’m after.

i’ll take a look at FM3 documentation if it’s online

no the file would need to be opened to check its contents.

it could either be opened by a program written by you or a program written by someone else (eg. Soft Velocity or a third party).

but you cannot tell what the contents of a file is just from its name…

sorry if I have misunderstood your question.

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Thanks @vitesse
i was willing that i have missed something fundamental in databases design
how TPSFix can detect errors in a TPS table/file?
it would be a low level access stuff not available for Clarion devs

well technically that access is available to Clarion developers via the DOS driver or using some string handling package like SystemStringClass or StringTheory. But you would have to know the format of the file. This information is available on the net via someone who reverse engineered it - but I have not seen anyone publish Clarion code to process a tps file.

see : TPS internal file structure

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And you’d still have to “open” the file somehow

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