TPS internal file structure

There are a number of posts about this topic on the net. This one (attachment) was 404d, so Ive added it here so it doesnt get lost.

42 Blog - Liberating data from Clarion TPS files.pdf (113.5 KB)

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This one is from

tps.pdf (141.9 KB)

This is my library. I forked ctrl-alt-dev’s version and added proper support for arrays and nested groups. Bad news is it’s very slow, especially for tables with a lot of columns.

It theoretically supports arrays of groups also, but I never got around to writing the code to generate a TPS file to test. I don’t think the dictionary editor supports it (for C5.5 and C6 at least), so I don’t know if that’s something that would appear in the wild.

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Mark, thank you for creating this thread. I’m not sure how many folks will need it but it’s nice to have this resource in case someone does. I have a side project - a bulk dictionary editor - that I may integrate this functionality somehow.