Clarion 10.11834 'Gold release'

/— Clarion 10.11834 ‘Gold release’ — June 5, 2015 ----- Fixes/Changes/Features–/

DOCUMENTATION: Update the documentation on PROP:SQL to describe when to use PROP:SQL and when to use PROP:SQLRowSet
FIX: ‘Edit Redirection file’ would always load the current Clarion 10 version of the RED file, not the Clarion version you selected.
FIX: The Select Key and Select Column Template Dialogs used the wrong prefix when selecting from an Alias
FIX: You would get errors returned if you accessed an MSSQL server and added or retrieved data from a datetime, time(0), time(1), datetime2(0), datetime2(1), datetime2(2) or datetime2(3) column and had that field declared as a TIME field outside a datetime GROUP structure
PTSS 41633: Lookup button does not work when using an ALIAS file
PTSS 41642: Error saving a TIME field in a SQL Datetime Field
REGRESSION: If you had an MSSQL file and you used the BUFFER statement and your file definition had a Clarion TIME field mapped to a DATETIME column, then the wrong data was sometimes returned in the TIME field

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Is there any screen shots on how the new IDE Looks?. Cannot seem to find any on the new website.


Interesting, I don’t see any on their website either. It seems like a strange omission.

A while back I posted this:

…but I will make a new topic now and see if we can get people to post screenshots of their Clarion 10!

I am using this release (10.11834)
but I have the problem with the time field in the mssql database.
so I don’t think it has been fixed.

There was something about time fields mentioned in the latest release, perhaps it is fixed for you in 11897?