Clarion 10.11975

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New in this version:

Please see the C10 Help file topic: What’s New in this version->What’s new in Clarion 10

CHANGE: ABC FileManager added new method (GetHasAutoInc) to query the value for HasAutoInc
CHANGE: Make the LIST control’s focus and bar frame rectangles more consistent if there is a tree column
CHANGE: The file drivers now use CSIDL_APPDATA\SoftVelocity\Clarion\CLARION_VERSION\drivers.ini rather than win.ini as the default location for getting tracing settings
DOCUMENTATION: Update the file driver documentation to show that system wide tracing is now done via the DRIVERS.INI file in the CSIDL_APPDATA\SoftVelocity\Clarion<clarion_version> folder rather than WIN.INI
FIX: Trace.exe now creates the necessary subfolders of appdata when on non-development machines
FIX: Date-time of procedures stored in TXA could be changed during TXA import
FIX: EVENT:Selected was not always generated upon setting focus to BUTTON/CHECK/RADIO controls
FIX: NAME(file) would change the ERRORCODE() if the previous call was a failed call to CREATE(file)
FIX: SystemStringClass Some methods where expecting a CSTRING length instead of an STRING length and calculating the wrong upper limit.
PTSS 41066: Application import overrides procedures modified time to current time
PTSS 41848: Sheet TAB Alt+Keys broken by 11925 release
PTSS 41853: Selected event does not fire first time
PTSS 41857: Bar Frame Is Different When Tree Has Single Column
REGRESSION: Incorrect calculation of a TAB control when activated by pressing the accelerator key
REGRESSION: The SQL drivers would return an error code rather than the next record if the following code was done using a unique key: POSITION(unique_key);DELETE(file);RESET(unique_key);NEXT(file)

FEATURE: (ABC & Clarion) ActiveImage. Image control now supportS Templates Action to use the ActiveImage class, and change images based on different states: Enable/Disable/Clicked/Hot, also to post event accepted on a click event to original button.
FEATURE: Added new methods to the SystemStringClass that work with the SystemStringClass and UrlEncode
FEATURE: JSON Can add double quotes to number values when using the number formatter ‘STRING’ ie: JSON.SetNumberFormatter(‘myfield’,’@STRING’)
FEATURE: You can now create an app from txa and export an app to txa using Clarioncl -ai appName txaName (import) and Clarioncl -ax appName txaName (export) respectively
FEATURE: Implemented user-defined properties:
A user-defined property allows you to associate a string value with any entity’s standard properties
for example: built-in variables (SYSTEM, PRINTER, TARGET), WINDOWs, REPORTs,
controls, bands, etc. The syntax of user-defined properties is the
same as for standard properties but string (constant or expression)
is used to identify the property rather than property number:

  [target $] object {property-name [, index]}

The name of the user-defined property is case insensitive. It cannot be equal to the name of any
standard PROP:* property with or without “PROP:” prefix.
The name also can’t begin with Numeric digits.

For OLE controls names of user-defined properties cannot
be equal to any of the OLE/OCX’s properties.

If the index is missing or equal to 0, it is treated as 1.

SYSTEM {'User-Name'} = 'Frank Sinatra'		!Set the name of the current user
MESSAGE('the user is: ' & SYSTEM{'User-Name'})	!displays the text 'Frank Sinatra'