Clarion 11.1 PE 13744 - Reports freeze Not Responding closing Preview

After updating to version 13744 and recompiling the applications, some reports (prints) stopped working. After closing the print or print preview, the application stops working and the message not responding appears.
Does anyone have this problem and how to solve it?

Any Clarion-black-box 3rd party addons that need updated?

Can you give more details?

Does the report preview show all Blank pages, or just one blank page, or pages with mangled / incorrect data?

Can you try reports in an example app like School?

Print and print preview are ok, but after exiting the print procedure, the program returns to the procedure from where it was called (a Browse procedure) and freezes there. Only with task manager can we stop the program. I don’t see why this only happens with some prints, which are no different from those that are ok. I can send APP and exe file with example.

I’m just using SoftVelocity PDF Creator

Run under the Debugger and see if it gives you some info when it freezes. Set some Break Points to try to figure out what code is hanging.!Agl3QOuLDZ8VjMQNu3yFsh8moQeL2A

Here I am sending an example. This application is compiled with 13744, and with 13630 everything is ok. The application used a pdf report generator, so I send a tpl from it. The version I use is the latest 11.0.13244. I noticed that without it, the application works well.


The problem occurs in reports with a single page. :frowning:

Yes, i’m getting bug reports last days from users using my app compiled with 13744:
Corrupt block/Unknown block type freed. This is probably caused by freeing a static variable or a bad pointer…

Seems it’s problem only on reports containing image. And here is sample code that also crashes, it is smallest report it can be, printing only small image (qr code) on pos printer:


 SETTARGET(ReportBarcode, ?Detail)

Yes with images in most cases, but my users have also reported to me in reports without images.

I have just prepared a new program release with this Clarion release, so thanks to you all for this early warning before I put it out!
I have tested the reports and they all contain a small graphic in the top right corner to conform to UK NHS requirements.
I have only tested so far on my development machine. In my case all reports worked as expected whether or not I printed after print preview.
This was done on:
Windows 10 Pro, |Version|21H1|, |OS build|19043.1052|, |Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3740.0|
I have not yet tested on any site (older) windows versions used.

I hope this helps, Regards

Hi everyone,
I want to take that back about them all working.

I re-tried a report called from a browse, that worked before and this particular one caused the same as seen with everyone else; “Corrupt block/Unknown block type freed.” on the same machine, then tried it again but from another route, which worked as expected, and from the browse and again it worked as expected.
So it seems on the whole my reports are OK but they can throw up this problem occasionally and it seems random, because sometimes the same report works.
This is going to be a big worry. I can’t drop this into a major hospital with these random crashes.

Regards, Jim

I’ve noticed that I only get a bug report when I use PDF Creator.

But I can’t conclude why only in some reports.

And for me, the latest version 13744 is unusable (I still use 13630 because there is no problem), I can’t run such applications on my users.


Hi all,
In my case the one that failed did not have the pdf extension and was just a standard paper print. I do have some pdf extended reports but these, so far, have not failed this way.

It’s hard to say what the characteristics needed are from my examples because all the reports normally work as expected, but when one did fail it did not have the pdf extension option.

I think our solution really lies with Soft Velocity having enough examples with code and logs in the problem tracker to trace this down. We are probably not going to be able to identify a particular factor and then work around it as separate developers unless we are very lucky.

I have to think now about rolling everything back to C11.0. With the Clarion RAD Environment working as it does, that probably won’t be easy. Any suggestions of a good process welcomed!

Regards, Jim



I fixed it by moving the Image to a form and design the report around that and seems to be working for now…

Please check if it works for you also?

I wish it would be easy as that. But… look at my simple report above, doesn’t contain header at all. It hangs aprox. 3 times/day (500 print/day). I also have other reports and all reports containing image occasionally hangs. For example, same app, same data, same report will never hang on one pc (win 10, i5, ssd), will hang 1 of 10 times on other (win 10, i3, ssd) and will hang every time on third pc (win 7, hdd). I can’t find rule here.
Only solution i found is to put older clarun.dll in app folder but god knows what else doesn’t work in this combination.
Also, totals on page doesn’t work as before.

Apparently this has been fixed in Build 13756 to quote from the newsgroups…

13744 had problem with reports (pdf extension and image on report) but
in 13756 all works well, i didn’t notice any problem for now.

I post here my problems with reports over month ago so robert sent me
13756, think it’s test version. But yes, using it for a while and
didn’t find any problems.

Maybe we’ll all get the fix eventually.


Here I have the same problem - 13744 has some issues in killing the WindowClass of the report: in the final RETURN PARENT.Kill the error occurs, sometimes already in the first print sometimes after 10 prints or so. But it consistently occurs.
I hope very much to get the solution soon.

In my tests the issue has been fixed with the public build 13758. I have closed my PTSS report on the issue.


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It is very helpful when a report is actually noted as Opened for Review, Fixed in v###, or Closed by Customer. The majority of reports never get anything passed Submitted. Even if it was Glanced At & Don’t Care it would be an improvement. If SV could step up their game, I am convinced the reports would increase, be more focused, and could possibly lead to a better product.