Clarion 11 Redirection File

Hi, I am having a problem with C11 compiling and wonder if anyone can throw light on it or help.

For the new build in Clarion 11 of existing projects, I used the same paths etc. in the redirection file that I always use that puts source files in a source subdirectory of the main project home.
When I generate, the .clw files end up exactly where I expect them (.\source).
When try to compile I get “Error(3) cif$fileopen CWSYNCH.INT The system cannot find the path specified”. it then lists the files and the path exactly as expected and where they definitely are.

Have others seen this and can help?
Is this a Windows issue in the newer builds and not Clarion?

Thanks in advance, Jim

Is this a local redirection file or are you editing the main one?

Thanks Bran for the reply,

Normally I use the general one because I have the same structure for all projects. that always worked fine C6 - C10. It is still fine in C10 one the same machine.
However after reading the help I wondered if a local one would fix it, so I tried that too but it made no difference.

Sorry that should say “on the same machine”.

Local red files are great, and even better since relative path support improved but the help doesn’t keep up. You have to name them specific to the version of clarion e.g. for C11, for C10, etc.

Hi Bran,

Yes I did create one with the new name. The file I am using is called

The reason I wonder what could cause it, is the .clw files all generate fine in the child folder and presumably this came from a read of the same redirection file. Also then when the error message states the path it is looking in but cannot find the file, that too is the child folder so some part of the program building process is also using the correct file at least to provide the error message

I thought it may be something in Windows but working in C10, copying back from the last C10 versions, everything works fine again. The new IDE might still though be using different Windows/Visual Studio components.

Regards, Jim

In case it helps, this is how I structure a basic local RED file:

-- Directories only used when building with Debug configuration

*.inc = obj\debug
*.clw = obj\debug
*.exp = obj\debug
*.shp = obj\debug
*.map = obj\debug

-- Directories only used when building with Release configuration

*.inc = obj\release
*.clw = obj\release
*.exp = obj\release
*.shp = obj\release
*.map = obj\release

{include %bin%\%REDNAME%}


*.clw = ..\_classes; _classes
*.inc = ..\_classes; _classes
*.lib = ..\_classes; _classes
*.ico = _resources
*.gif = _resources
*.cur = _resources
*.jpg = _resources
*.bmp = _resources
*.png = _resources

Notice the {include %bin%\%REDNAME%}

The %bin% macro doesn’t seem to be explicitly mentioned in the help but it’s usage can be implied fairly safely. The second part, %REDNAME%, is mentioned under Additional Macros and is quite useful:

Additional Macros:


Converts to the redirection file name based on the version of Clarion you are building with.


Expands to the directory where the default redirection file can be found for the version of Clarion you are building with.


Expands to the directory where the user application data is stored.

Under Windows 7 and later, this is C:\Users{user name}\AppData\Roaming
Under Windows XP this will be the C:\Documents and Settings{user name}\Application Data


Expands to the directory where the common application data is stored.
Under Windows XP this is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data folder by default.


Expands to the directory where the redirection file is located. This makes it easier to put your .DCT in a root folder or a folder of the root.

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Many thanks for your detailed reply.
My own redirection file was similar but I noticed your inclusion of the .clw in the first two specific building sections. In my own, from C7 - C10, it had always worked fine with .clw. .inc etc. in the Common section alone.
I did some experimentation adding the missing pieces to the specific areas i.e. *.clw = source etc.
That fixed the problem both for new and existing projects.
There is clearly a subtle difference in C11 building that needs these stated unless you are happy to have all the source in the main project directory (when you don’t need an entry)
Thank you for helping me work through this, much appreciated,
Regards, Jim

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