Clarion 8 Release Notes

The last release for Clarion 8 was in January 2013. See below for the various release notes that I can still find!

Release Notes: C8.0.9759


IMPROVEMENT: Use full printer names for comparisons/matching
FEATURE: Support of PCX images with color depth 24bp

CHANGE: Improved code to open the .App for editing
CHANGE: Sometimes the Application toolbar buttons showed partially obscured
CHANGE: IDE default layout was not set to Application layout
CHANGE: IDE debug layout was not in the same location of items as the Application layout

FIX: ODBC based drivers - FILEERRORCODE could be set to the last error code returned by the SQL backend rather than the first error code.
FIX: EVALUATE did not work properly if you had it evaluate a DEFORMAT statement where no picture was passed eg EVALUATE(‘DEFORMAT(s)’)
FIX: If a GPF is thrown by an olded compiler Clarion IDE would keep working, but you could not do any more builds without exiting the IDE
FIX: If you tried to add a Clarion version older than Clarion 5.5 the compiler list was not set up correctly, thus not allowing you to compile with that version without manually editing the .xml file
FIX: ODBC based file drivers were not setting ERRORCODE if the server returned an error when turning off auto-commit
FIX: ODBC based drivers did not clean up internal pointers correctly if PROP:Disconnect was issued and there was a VIEW open
FIX: ODBC driver was not clearing the internal MARS flag correctly if /MULTIPLEACTIVERESULTSETS=TRUE on more than one file and the backend did not support MARS
FIX: Tab order was wrong when editing the properties of a table
FIX: ABC Templates; when in the FileDrop and FileDropCombo template and the icon list type was declared as Variable it was generating an error %IconNameValue symbol not found
FIX: ABC Templates missing #DECLARE(%IconNameValue) in FileDrop and FileDropCombo
FIX: Animated GIF images with local palettes of different sizes displayed incorrectly
FIX: Animated GIF images with frames using disposal method 1 displayed incorrectly
FIX: Animated GIF images with frames not covering the entire image’s logical screen could be displayed incorrectly
FIX: Animation mode was not set for images in REPORTs. This could potentially cause exceptions on printing GIF images
FIX: Drawing of themed check boxes and radio buttons if screen DPI setting is non-standard
FIX: ELLIPSE/BOX frame’s brush was not always released
FIX: Loading a program into the debugger could fail if the “Stop on dynamic dll load” option was turned on
FIX: PCX images with color depth 4bpp were decoded incorrectly
FIX: Pressing the space key when the current record of a LIST control with the MARK attribute was set to one of the special values caused a GPF
FIX: Repeated BM_SETSTATE messages blocked WM_TIMER messages generated for buttons with the IMM attribute
FIX: exception could occur in the debugger if the dis-assembler window was wide enough
FIX: The metafile’s bounding rectangle could be calculated incorrectly
FIX: Themed CHECK/RADIO controls displayed with incorrect relative position of text and check-box/radio if the control had the LEFT or RIGHT attribute
FIX: When the RecentOpen file was completely empty the IDE was throwing an exception

PTSS 39305: Problems with DEFORMAT() in Clarion8
PTSS 39371: “Giant” sized checkboxes and radio buttons
PTSS 39616: LOGOUT not working with MARS
PTSS 39618: Missing #DECLARE(%IconNameValue) in FileDrop and FileDropCombo
PTSS 39631: SVN - APV - APP DateTime Stamping
PTSS 39647: EnhancedFocusManager not working well
PTSS 39686: Wrong FileErrorCode value after integrity constraint violation
PTSS 39719: The Immediate feature of Buttons

Release Notes: C8.0.9661


FEATURE: Template support for Windows 8 in the generated manifest
FEATURE: SYSTEM{PROP:WindowsVersion} now works for Windows 8
FEATURE: Compiler and debugger recognize Windows 8
FEATURE: Make it easier if an error is found in the DCT conversion to keep track of the selected error in the Dictionary Changes Pad
FEATURE: Support PRAGMA(‘save’) and PRAGMA(‘restore’) compiler directives

CHANGE: Faster drawing of buttons
CHANGE: Faster drawing of transparent controls
CHANGE: ABC and Clarion Templates validate that the application name (%Application) does not contain any spaces and generate an error if it does.
CHANGE: Added FileName to the message that shows when a file is not possible to be parsed for some file error.
CHANGE: Allow to set alternative text for buttons in the exception dialog - or to hide them
CHANGE: Avoid accessing of the printer driver upon loading CLAPRLB.DLL
CHANGE: Force the re-reading of templates when the Clarion version is changed.
CHANGE: Produce compile time warning if a threaded variable is used as a parameter of the NAME, DRIVER and/or OWNER attribute of non-threaded FILEs
CHANGE: Show parameters (if any) in the exception dialog and log file
CHANGE: Clarion compiler now supports the warn(wall) pragma in the . Possible values are: off,on,err
CHANGE: Support of DBCS characters in Window/Report Designers
CHANGE: The item locator in multiple places in the DCT was showing a black box around disabled buttons
CHANGE: The toolbar to select the sorting option in the application tree is now displayed on top of the locator
CHANGE: Updated version number in the templates
CHANGE: When an audit record is created, the Creation time and the initial Modification time are now the same
CHANGE: Write Clarion version and build number into the exception log file
CHANGE: Manifest for ClarionCL.exe is now marked to run as “asInvoker” instead of “requireAdministrator”

FIX: Button with default width or height could be redrawn incorrectly if text was changed
FIX: COLOR attribute had no effect on TABs in SHEETs controls with the WIZARD attribute
FIX: Case of characters typed into an ENTRY control with the CAP and PASSWORD attributes could be changed incorrectly
FIX: Content of an ENTRY control with the CAP attribute could be displayed incorrectly when holding down some alpha keys
FIX: ELLIPSE/BOX/PANEL controls below (partially) transparent controls could be drawn incorrectly
FIX: Setting PROP:Active to TRUE for MDI child windows could fail if executed from another thread
FIX: Setting PROP:NoTheme to FALSE had no effect for some kinds of controls
FIX: Any change you made to the driver string of a Clarion .dat file was ignored after the first time the file was accessed
FIX: BUILD(key) would fail if you tried to use this to add a key to an existing file
FIX: ClarionCL failed to load the base redirection file if you ran it from the bin folder and used the /ag switch
FIX: If you added a key component and then tried to delete the field you were not presented with a dialog telling you that the key would be deleted
FIX: If you deleted a key component and then tried to delete the field you were presented with a dialog telling you that the key would be deleted
FIX: In the Dictionary editor, if you changed a key component from ascending to descending or visa versa and then canceled out from saving the key changes, the component order change was still saved
FIX: Issuing file{PROP:SQL} multiple times with fewer columns in the 2nd select statement then in the first statement would cause corrupt data to be copied into the fields used in the first SELECT statement, but not used in the second statement
FIX: OPT did not work with the Btrieve driver if one of the key components was a PDECIMAL field
FIX: Setting the version back to the actual version of the IDE (eg 8.0.9661) rather than to (Current Version) could fail to reset the ABC reader
FIX: The .FileList.xml file was not being updated after a build, thus making the Search option to search using last build results inaccurate
FIX: You could not import to txa nor import from txa global or module data that was over another field
FIX: You could open an app that used a password protected dct even if you did not know the password for the dct
FIX: Background beneath special buttons (VCR, arrow, drop-down) could be drawn incorrectly
FIX: Force the initialization of the ParserService if the parser start and was not initialized
FIX: IP Driver: KeepAlive might not work if the file was closed
FIX: IPServer: error if IPEXEC was called with more than 18 parameters or less than one
FIX: If listbox has default FORMAT string, it could be drawn incorrectly after changing its border’s style
FIX: If a text selection was made using SHIFT+ in an ENTRY control, and was deleted because of typing in a , the selection anchor remained active
FIX: Importing of a TXA lost the Exported attribute on procedures that were also External
FIX: MixColors function was assigning the second color to the first one and failing in mixing the colors
FIX: NAME(file) would not return the name of the file if the file had an invalid record structure
FIX: Non-client area of controls declared before SHEET in WINDOW declaration and overlapped it could be drawn incorrectly
FIX: Part of main thread executed out of EH
FIX: Possible incorrect redrawing of transparent buttons
FIX: Possible exception on creating a COMBO control
FIX: Processing of WM_SETFONT can require known values of new font’s metrics
FIX: Solution file was locked by ClarionCL
FIX: Stop checking to open files if the IDE is not open and the ProjectService is used from the ClarionCL
FIX: Stop forcing the re parsing of projects after code generation when done with ClarionCL
FIX: Stop parsing while the solution is still loading
FIX: String literals starting with double { character could be parsed by the evaluator incorrectly
FIX: String literals with embedded character codes could be parsed by the evaluator incorrectly
FIX: String literal tokens starting with 3 or more ‘<’ or ‘{’ characters expanded incorrectly
FIX: Synchronizer was not clustering all the files together correctly when you indicate which tables you want to synchronize from a DCT
FIX: TABs were drawn incorrectly after 9395/9396
FIX: Template comment in the ThisWindow.PrimeFields PROCEDURE was not using ! when generated
FIX: The Dictionary Editor Audit was mixing Utc and not Utc times in the modified and creation fields
FIX: The Edit as text feature of the data pad would loose the initial values for LONG, ULONG, BYTE, SHORT or USHORT fields.
FIX: The import and export to dctx did not work with fields with dimensions greater than 255
FIX: Timer continued to work on disabled animated GIFs
FIX: Visual issues on drawing TABs using Colored and NoColored styles
FIX: When calling the IDE core from the command line the ParserService was not initialized
FIX: When check IsFileOpen from the ClarionCL the MainForm does not exist and was generation a UE
FIX: Width of the GROUP’s/OPTION’s text rectangle calculated incorrectly if text has ampersands
FIX: Window List popup sub-menu could be not updated
FIX: Windows can calculate WINDOW’s client area incorrectly if last dynamically created menubar ITEM was created while window was invisible
FIX: sometimes the #READ was not executed in a #ATSTART block
FIX: xBase file drivers would crash if you had an invalid file structure where a LONG did not have a NAME attribute linking it to the MEMO field.
FIX: Next/prior SHEET buttons were rendered outside of the temporary DC
FIX: An exception could occur in the Debugger if the dis-assembly window is at max width

PTSS 37676: Menu item creation window painting error
PTSS 38831: ClarionCL.exe fails
PTSS 39164: Exception when calling ClarionCL /ag on DLLTutor.sln
PTSS 39291: Export/Import APP to/from TXA ignore OVER attribute
PTSS 39352: PLease add “Compile and Debug” to the popup menu for Projects
PTSS 39358: VCR icons
PTSS 39359: icons on VCR buttons missing
PTSS 39360: Weird display behaviour on disabled buttons
PTSS 39366: utility template
PTSS 39368: PROP:Active is broken
PTSS 39412: GPF with any dBase file which did not have a NAME attribute specified on all memos, keys and the file
PTSS 39447: Disabled buttons issues
PTSS 39465: ClarionCL throwing exceptions
PTSS 39469: dBaseIV Driver, Exception code C0000005: Access Violation
PTSS 39470: ClarionCL has manifest
PTSS 39504: Large arrays truncated on export/import
PTSS 39524: Default values removed after editing as text
PTSS 39524: default values removed after editing as text
PTSS 39533: SETPOSITION a control to 0, 0, 0, 0 in Clarion 8.0.9304 causes freezing
PTSS 39543: You can’t modify a newly added Relationship unless you have closed the Property-Tab and opened again
PTSS 39544: Changing Font in Property Editor has no effect
PTSS 39551: Method “ThisWindow.PrimeFields PROCEDURE”
PTSS 39558: Error in RTFToolBar
PTSS 39571: New file dialog, spelling error
PTSS 39573: Icons are striped for disabled buttons on Citrix Xendesktop 4.5

Release Notes: C8.0.9304


CHANGE: Draw flat “default” button without a bevel when it doesn’t have focus
FIX: Icons on VCR buttons were mispositioned
FIX: Horizontal separator started from the leftmost edge of menu
FIX: MDI child window could activate incorrectly when using the Frame’s tab bar

Release Notes: C8.0.9285


IMPROVEMENT: Faster painting of the background of transparent controls populated on a toolbar
IMPROVEMENT: Faster painting when drawing transparent themed check boxes and radio buttons
IMPROVEMENT: Faster processing of WM_ERASEBKGND and WM_PRINT messages sent by Windows in response to calls to the DrawThemeParentBackground function
IMPROVEMENT: Flicker suppression when painting themed controls; buttons, check boxes and radio buttons
IMPROVEMENT: Reduce flicker on hovering themed transparent check boxes and radio buttons
IMPROVEMENT: Suppression of extra re-drawing of check boxes and radio buttons when they are clicked or current selection is changed with arrow keys (for radio buttons)
FEATURE: ABC/Clarion added new ‘Use Legacy Button Margins Compatibility’ global prompt to enable the RTL to use the old (previous to C8.9119) drawing algorithm, SYSTEM {PROP:Compatibility} = BOR (4, SYSTEM {PROP:Compatibility})

CHANGE: ABC/Clarion Change the Vista Manifest text heading/prompt to be just Manifest
CHANGE: ABC/Clarion removed the ‘Enable Exception Message with Procedure Stack’ global prompt because it is not needed as the RTL now produces better information in its exception message when using the debug RTL.
CHANGE: ABC/Clarion, remove the ‘Enable Window Frame Dragging’ global prompt as it was not needed anymore
CHANGE: Better handling of text color for 3-state check boxes when in indeterminate state
CHANGE: Better synchronization of activation/maximization of MDI child windows
CHANGE: Change text used for the registration of file drivers and synchronizers on the IDE main Menu-Tools
CHANGE: FILEERROR() now returns all error messages and warnings reported by the server separated by CR/LF rather than just the first one
CHANGE: New flicker-free workaround for the Windows bug on drawing transparent themed check boxes and radio buttons
CHANGE: The Owner entry field in the synchronizer no longer has the PASSWORD attribute
CHANGE: The RTL now tries to find an exact match when setting PROP:DeviceName. If an exact match is not found, the first enumerated printer with a partially matched name is set. If the value of SYSTEM{PROP:Compatibility} has flag 08h, the older (Previous to 9285) behavior is used.
CHANGE: Themed border of ENTRY-like and RTF controls
CHANGE: When opening an app for the first time in the IDE and requesting to included referenced applications in the solution the IDE now asks you for the location of the referenced application if it cannot be found in the current directory
CHANGE: add *.chm to file dialog patterns
CHANGE: reorder file extension patterns for image selection

FIX: Clarioncl now has matching manifest and config files
FIX: Deferred moving of controls on resizing of IDE dialogs could run into conflict with other moving/sizing
FIX: Drawing of themed buttons when intersecting other controls
FIX: Generating an app from the Application pad was changing the last written Time for the application
FIX: If an ENTRY’s value was changed and another dialog was opened before it was redrawn, the selection could be set incorrectly after closing a dialog and setting focus back to ENTRY
FIX: If a sln was generated with Clarioncl and there was a matching sln for an app in the original solution, an exception was thrown
FIX: If you closed an app without saving changes and you had the auto-export to text feature enabled, the timestamp for the app was not kept in sync with the timestamp of the matching text file
FIX: If you opened a solution, then deleted an app, then tried to open the app and you had auto-import enabled, the app would be opened in the text editor
FIX: If you opened an app file and there was a matching cwproj file, but no matching sln file and you had previously set up the cwproj file to reference other applications, these applications (and matching cwproj) where not added to the newly created sln file
FIX: Moving fields out of a DCT group would show the field as moved, but the field was not always moved
FIX: Possible GPF on simultaneous opening multiple maximized MDI child windows
FIX: PrevPage.ico icon had only a 16.8m color image format (caused a UE in designer)
FIX: The Application tab in the project properties dialog used a different font to all other tabs
FIX: The Auto Increment attribute for keys was not synchronized when importing files from a DCT file or when using the synchronizer to synchronize two DCTs
FIX: WINDOW’s background could be drawn incorrectly after deferred sizing/moving or hiding/unhiding
FIX: When you generated an app using Clarioncl and there was no matching sln file to match the app, a sln file was created
FIX: WindowDesigner- using CURSOR:None was generating a structure with an invalid cursor
FIX: WindowDesigner- using ICON:None was generating a structure with an invalid icon.
FIX: You could add/define a KEY for ASCII and BASIC files using the Dictionary editor
FIX: You could not import a TPS file into the DCT once you have failed to import a TPS file by entering an invalid password without restarting the IDE

PTSS 38131: Import Table from existing DCT drops AutoIncrement flag
PTSS 38623: Dct Editor Deletes Non-child Fields When Deleting a Group
PTSS 38857: Construction of Parameters from Prototype can fail
PTSS 38965: Icon drop list missing icon:prevPage
PTSS 39134: Generating an app from the Application pad was changing the last written time for the application
PTSS 39134: In a number of cases the APV and APP are not being kept in sync
PTSS 39170: You could not import a TPS file into the DCT once you have failed to import a TPS file by entering an invalid password without restarting the IDE
REGRESSION: HIDE did not hide GROUP/OPTION controls
WORKAROUND: Windows sends the WM_SYSCOMMAND message to window if it is activating by clicking to caption

Release Notes: C8.0.8973


FEATURE: The ASCII and BASIC drivers now support PREVIOUS()
FEATURE: When selecting an image file in the window formatter you can now type in the name of the file and if it can be found via redirection, the file will be used
FEATURE: When opening the file dialog in the window formatter for the first time the dialog will now open to the first directory where the file type would be found via the redirection system
FEATURE: When reopening the file dialog in the window formatter the dialog will now open to the last directory where the dialog was opened to
IMPROVEMENT: The RTF control’s Find/Find & Replace/Margins/Paragraph Indents windows use the CENTER attribute. The Find & Replace window has the System Menu like the other RTF windows
IMPROVEMENT: The MEMORY driver now treats all files as having the CREATE attribute set

CHANGE: The User Options for the IP Driver templates are now in SoftVelocity.IpDriver.dctopt
CHANGE: The User Options for the ADO templates are now in SoftVelocity.ADO.dctopt
CHANGE: If the source file is an IMDD then the Create attribute of the Dynamic File is now always ON
CHANGE: When generating using Clarioncl you are no longer asked to import dcv or apv files. It automatically imports them, thus allowing automated builds to run without needing user input.
CHANGE: By default the Btrieve driver uses the Btrieve engine to do WATCH support. However, the Btrieve engine ALWAYS watches, even if you have not called WATCH. You can now force Clarion semantics where WATCH will only be enforced when WATCH is called by setting the property PROP:ClarionWatch to TRUE. This is a driver wide setting. So setting this to TRUE for any Btrieve file will turn on Clarion style watching for all Btrieve files on all threads
CHANGE: Editing of prompts from template’s #SYSTEM section is moved from the Application Options dialog to the Registry editor
CHANGE: Show error if the file can not be created
CHANGE: The Binary/Text Import system will now ask to import text for an app file when you open the app, not just when you open the solution

FIX: Changed the Formula Editor Font so all controls have the same font
FIX: The Dictionary Synchroniser (and therefore the import/export to text) did not work with LIKE,&VIEW,&FILE,&KEY,&CLASS,ANY,&WINDOW,&REPORT,TYPE,ASTRING, or BSTRING
FIX: Caching of tables using the Memory driver with the Dynamic file driver support did not work if the physical table did not have the CREATE attribute
FIX: If a redirection file had a missing terminating quote an exception was thrown.
FIX: Setting PROPPRINT:Device could fail if too many printers installed
FIX: MSSQL does not set the return result from a stored procedure if the stored procedure also returns an empty result set unless you force it to look for more result sets
FIX: A lib file was not created if the #implib statement did not match the #link statement
FIX: EmulateAutoNumKey, DATA, and IsIdentity user options where not in SoftVelocity.dctopt
FIX: Unused user option TEXTPRIMARY removed from SoftVelocity.dctopt
FIX: PROP:DriverString was ignored when opening a file set for use with PROP:SQL and the dynamic file system
FIX: The IDE would display a message that a dictionary could not be found if the dictionary could not be found via redirection and you stored the full path to the dictionary in the app without the drive letter. Eg \development\dictionaries\mydct.dct
FIX: When selecting a table in the DataPad the Select Table dialog was not getting focus to the List of tables first.
FIX: Incorrect element terminator in SoftVelocity.IpDriver.dctopt
FIX: ServerAutoIncColumn was missing from the list of valid options for fields in SoftVelocity.dctopt
FIX: Browsing some Isam files from the DCT could throw an exception
FIX: You could not use PROP:SQL to create a file structure using the dynamic file system if your SQL statement started with an open bracket (’(’)
FIX: TXA export was not doubling up quotes in custom joins
FIX: You could not edit variables as text in the data pad using Complex View if a variable had an @N picture with brackets in it
FIX: When deleting multiple items in the dictionary editor, sometimes not all items would be deleted
FIX: Setting PROP:Driver caused an error as the RTL was looking for ClaDFx.dll instead of ClaDF.
FIX: In the dictionary editor, if you changed the type of a control for a field and you had a multi-line tool tip, the control formatter would create an invalid control structure.
FIX: AppGen no longer changes the write time for the app file when it generates
FIX: Importing from a dctx with a group or queue that had no children would add the fields after the group to the group
FIX: An file not found exception would be thrown if a Clarion.NET assembly was called from ASP.NET code and ClarionDrvRW.dll was not present. This Dll should not be needed in this case.
FIX: The dictionary synchronizer (and therefore dictionary import/export to text) did not support ASTRING and BSTRING
FIX: The dictionary editor could throw an exception when trying to load a corrupt dictionary

PTSS 38958: PRINTER{PROPPRINT:Device} fails when too many printers exist in Windows Registry
PTSS 38048: Error loading DCV file
PTSS 39135: Some pictures treated as invalid in complex text view of data pad
PTSS 35487: Dynamic File Driver loses table
PTSS 38931: DFD PROP:DRIVER looks for wrong DLL
PTSS 36726: | READONLY in External name does not keep the Column out of the Update Query
PTSS 39133: I think it is critical that the APV date/time is checked when the APP is opened not just when the solution is opened.
PTSS 37973: Relative path via root to dictionary file causes errors
PTSS 38400: KEY and FILE Globals import from dctx incorrectly
PTSS 39136: Invalid handling of Custom Joins with Quotes in APV processing
PTSS 37408: Exporting to dcv/dctx a Queue with a base type affects field placement
PTSS 36045: Stored Procedure Return Value error
PTSS 39134: In a number of cases the APV and APP are not being kept in sync
PTSS 38089: Negative Pictures and INS on EntryPatterns window - do not allow typing more than one digit
PTSS 38979: Btrieve driver PUT error

Release Notes: C8.0.8778


CHANGE: AppGen now returns a better error message when a fully pathed exe is passed to #RUN or a fully pathed dll is passed to #RUNDLL and the file does not exist
CHANGE: Show better information about “unsupported record type” link time error
CHANGE: Swap report’s width and height if value of PROP:Landscape is changed. N.B. It is the developer’s responsibility to adjust the width/height of DETAIL bands as needed
CHANGE: The list of procedures in the data pad is now always available
CHANGE: The “Generate line numbers” check box is now only enabled if debug info is set to min or full as the compilers do not generate line number information when debug info is off

FIX: DEFORMAT could return incorrect result for some @D and @T pictures
FIX: Header justification could be reset to Left(2) in the Designer
FIX: Setting PROPPRINT:Collate could reset the value of PROPPRINT:Copies
FIX: SortHeaderClassType.SetSortOrder was using the wrong validation field instead of the parameter SortOrder

IMPROVEMENT: The Redirection system now warns you if you have badly formed lines where there is a missing double quote (")
IMPROVEMENT: If a REPORT’s width or height is set as default, it can now be changed by setting PROPPRINT:Paper, PROPPRINT:PaperWidth, PROPPRINT:PaperHeight and/or PROP:Landscape property before the first detail band is printed
IMPROVEMENT: new SortHeaderClassType.GetColumnLabel method that returns the label of the column (name is returned without the prefix)

REGRESSION: If REPORT’s width or height was set as default, it was calculated from its paper size incorrectly
WIP: Demangling names of Clarion procedures shown in the exception info
WIP: Use debug info to show exception details

PTSS 38603: Problem setting list box header justification

Release Notes: C8.0.8740


FEATURE: The Redirection system now supports the built-in macro %libpath% in the Copy section of a redirection file. This macro evaluates to the directory where the lib file is located when copying the matching dll to the destination folder.
FEATURE: ABC file headers are now cached and shared between Apps within the same solution (EE only) Note: When the first .App in a solution is loaded the ABC headers are parsed as usual, when subsequent Apps are opened the IDE still needs to pass ABC info to the App (Loading Symbols message is displayed in the status area)
FEATURE: Added new option for “Single File” output support to the HTML Report generator
FEATURE: New functionality in the RTL exception info dialog to log exception information into a file. The exception log file is named EXCEPTION%date%Time.log and is created in the directory set as SYSTEM{PROP:DataPath}. If SYSTEM{PROP:DataPath} is not set, or the directory name is longer than 240 characters, the exception log file is created in the current directory. The process is terminated when logging is complete. NB: Logging can be unsuccessful for some exceptions.
FEATURE: RTL now Posts EVENT:MouseIn and EVENT:MouseOut events when the mouse is entering or leaving the active IMAGE control (IMAGE with scrollbars or the image with PROP:Active set to TRUE)
FEATURE: The default redirection file now includes the folder %libpath%\bin%configuration% in the Copy section. This matches the structure used by Clarion.NET when you create a lib file for a .NET assembly, thus making it very easy to add .NET assembly projects to your Win32 solution
FEATURE: New Menu Command Menu->Tools->“Clear Cached ABCFiles” to force a refresh of the ABC headers
ENHANCEMENT: The Picture functions will try to match names and abbreviations of months and AM/PM indicators using both settings made in the .ENV file/LOCALE function and the standard English text for same

CHANGE: If width or length of report’s detail area is not set, it is now calculated from dimensions of the paper settings for the report or printer
CHANGE: Improved drawing of the selected tab for the MDI tab bar when using squared style
CHANGE: Increase the max number of characters in month names to 12
CHANGE: Messaging extension template now uses .chm help
CHANGE: More informative error messages are displayed if you try to use a version of Clarion and the base redirection file is missing
CHANGE: Support printing of PNG images without semi-transparent pixels. NB: Printing of PNG and BITMAP images with semi-transparent pixels is not available until switching to Enhanced Meta Files NB: IMAGE() statement support for PNG and BITMAP images with semi-transparent pixels and for 32-bit icons with alpha channels is not available until switching to EMF
CHANGE: Support PROP:ClipBits for PNG images
CHANGE: Add new method to auto-log exception data into the ICWExceptionInfo INTERFACE (‘CWEXCPT.INT’)

FIX: Current position in the string to deformat with @D4 or @D18 pictures could become incorrect after an attempt to match the month name
FIX: Extra elements of Windows long and short date formats could be processed incorrectly
FIX: If width or length of a report’s detail area was not set, the report engine could run into an infinite loop during execution of ENDPAGE or CLOSE(Report)
FIX: MDI frame’s toolbar might not be reset after splitting global and local toolbars for MDI child windows
FIX: Numerous standard paper sizes were not handled
FIX: Parentheses around parameter list for the procedure calls for embed points could be lost after reading from a TXA
FIX: Picture implementation assumed that AM and PM indicators were starting from different alpha chars
FIX: Possible dangling pointer for the last control with the focus in the MDI frame window
FIX: Maximized state could be lost after switching between 2 maximized MDI child windows
FIX: Push buttons did not redraw after changing the font color
FIX: Set of start/end markers could become inconsistent after multiple BLANK statements
FIX: Size of CSTRING/PSTRING variables read from TXA/APV could be shown in the Data pad incorrectly
FIX: Some GIF images could be decoded incorrectly
FIX: Some printer drivers return “1” for max copies the device can print, when in fact any positive value indicates support to print multiple (i.e. >1) copies
FIX: Some times closing a clw after the app solution was closed could throw an exception
FIX: Stop the debugger on first source line option would delay loading the source for a long time
FIX: The MDI tab bar could cause a fault if multiple MDI child windows are opening or/and closing concurrently
FIX: The MDI tab bar could be redrawn incorrectly after changing location or visibility
FIX: The auto creation of Dct files via the auto import/export system did not work if the Dct could not be found via the default redirection file, only via the redirection file in the solution directory
FIX: The version control auto import system would not create a binary file if the text representation of same was in the current directory
FIX: Values of READONLY CHECK and OPTION controls could be changed with Space key
FIX: When using Search in Directory and the directory didn’t exist, the progress dialog would display after the Not Found message.

PTSS 38539: Report to PDF prints graphic file as a solid black area
PTSS 38548: MSSQL Driver bug causes data loss
PTSS 38749: The command “Blank” has changed its behaviour
PTSS 38752: Export/import TXA breaks parentheses
PTSS 38758: PROP:FontColor doesn’t work until button is TAB’d off of
PTSS 38844: Toolbox frequently gives exception error
PTSS 38851: CHECK with READONLY can be toggled with spacebar
WORKAROUND: MSSQL 2008;R2 and earlier, could cause application lockups and potential data loss when you enabled the MARS feature of MSSQL, and did not wrap ADD statements in transaction frames, and you had post auto-increment statements and had one user browsing a table at the same time another user adds a record to that table. This workaround will only effect MSSQL files /MULTIPLEACTIVERESULTSETS=TRUE driver string and the “IsIdentity” user option on a field and the EMULATEAUTONUMKEY user option on the file.

Release Notes: C8.0.8658
(Gold Release)
FEATURE: “Column 1” check-box for the Embed Tree dialog is now available
FEATURE: ABC Utility class DynaStringClass to declare dynamic strings with auto-dispose.
FEATURE: Ability to Run the Selected Application’s Project Target from the Application Pad
FEATURE: Activate use of hot keys for menu items when in the application editor
FEATURE: Added support to apply gradients to TOOLBARs
FEATURE: Added Locator the Derived Column dialog selection and Expand All and Contract All buttons
FEATURE: Added a new redirection symbol %THISDIR% which is set to the directory of the redirection file. This is useful when you have nested redirection files and want to find a file based on the location of the redirection file
FEATURE: Added accelerator keys throughout the dictionary editor
FEATURE: Added switch to ClarionCL to set the Active Configuration (DEBUG/RELEASE) for code generation (/ac)
FEATURE: Added Locator to the Table Selection, Key Selection from the Data Pad
FEATURE: Allow Data Pad definitions to be edited as text (in TXA format)
FEATURE: All Dictionary lists now have a Locator control
FEATURE: Application Options are now saved right after the dialog is closed instead of when the IDE is closed.
FEATURE: Applications Pad displays the Target type (EXE or DLL) next to the App name
FEATURE: BOX and PANEL control now support applying a gradient color using PROP:GradientFromColor, PROP:GradientToColor, PROP:GradientType
FEATURE: Built-in RTL support for HTML Help, with future support to integrate additonal help systems based on other formats
FEATURE: C8 now inherits all Clarion versions already set up in Clarion 7
FEATURE: Conversion of data files with large number of records from within the IDE is much faster
FEATURE: Editing dependencies from the Application Pad will pre select the Selected Application Project in the Dependency Editor
FEATURE: Evaluation of AND and OR expressions in EVALUATE (or FILTER) statements are now short-circuited (only the left hand side is evaluated if possible)
FEATURE: F10Key can activate Zoom dialog for every template entry field
FEATURE: New Control: Three-state Checkbox (supports Checked,Unchecked,Indeterminate states)
FEATURE: FREEZE and UNFREEZE are available for MENUBARs. The “magic” feq value 10001h must be passed to identify the current window’s menu bar
FEATURE: Global Setting to force the save/restore of the Solution tree state after generation if the Solution pad is visible.
FEATURE: IDE: improved icons, new Tab style, remove infrequently used toolbar buttons
FEATURE: If you add a trailing | to a path in a redirection file, this will inform the redirection system to not search any further when trying to open a file that matches the pattern at the start of the line
FEATURE: If you select a .dctx file when doing File/Save As for a dictionary, then the dictionary will be saved as an XML representation of the dictionary
FEATURE: If a file can be found via redirection, this file will be included into the generated program used to preview a window.
FEATURE: Improve speed on generation of multiple apps by only refreshing the Solution Tree at completion
FEATURE: In the Dependency Editor the Sorted List of Project is synchronized with the Selected Project in the DropList of Projects
FEATURE: New “Clear All Errors” button in the Errors pad
FEATURE: New SYSTEM property to get or set the Help Engine
FEATURE: New PROP:NoThemed support for a SHEET control to allow transparent SHEETs when the application is using a manifest
FEATURE: New Application Manifest Option to set PROP:NoTheme = True to all SHEET controls in the application
FEATURE: New file creating template for easily creating files
FEATURE: New algorithm provides much better look for disabled Icons and Images
FEATURE: New Application Manifest Option to prevent using the Themed controls but still generate the .manifest file
FEATURE: New button in the Applications Pad to change the Generation order calling the Dependency Editor (EE only)
FEATURE: New button in the Applications Pad to change the Generation order calling the Dependency Editor
FEATURE: Open File Dialog no w show the extension sorted alphabetically
FEATURE: Open the selected Application’s Containing Folder from the Application Pad
FEATURE: Open File Toolbar button now has a drop option to show the QuickFile open extension
FEATURE: Pressing Ctrl-Enter when in a list in the Data pad or Dictionary editor will search to the next entry matching the contents of the locator
FEATURE: Pressing the alt keys to match the main menu items will now activate the main menus when you are in AppGen
FEATURE: READONLY property is added to CheckBox and Option controls in the Designer (corresponds to the runtime property PROP:READONLY)
FEATURE: READONLY support for OPTION control
FEATURE: Redirection tracing now includes the name and location of sections it is searching
FEATURE: Re direction tracing now includes the pattern masks that match the passed file
FEATURE: ResetIDE.EXE tool to allow cleanup of the IDE settings and temp files.
FEATURE: Redirection tracing now starts with the name of the file it is searching for
FEATURE: SLIDER Control support in the Designer
FEATURE: STATE3 supported in designer for CHECK controls
FEATURE: Save the last state of nodes in the Embed tree
FEATURE: Support icons and bitmaps that use an alpha channel. (images with alpha channel are not supported in reports and in IMAGE procedure until switch to EMFs)
FEATURE: Support of icons of size 256x256 under Vista/Win7
FEATURE: Templates (both chains): Added public Global Embeds to address including data in the before and after generation of Global Data even when it is generated in external modules
FEATURE: The Audit and Comments tab now uses a splitter to allow the Audit details to be contracted
FEATURE: The Clarion linker now tells you in which two files the symbol exists in when reporting a duplicate symbol error
FEATURE: The Binary File Import process now prompts before overwriting the binary file with the text file
FEATURE: The position of the splitter between the Audit and Comments is remembered between windows and sessions
FEATURE: The Reference check box will now preserve its original state if you scroll through the list of data types in the data type combo-box.
FEATURE: Tools->Options are now saved right after the dialog is Accepted not when the IDE is closed.
FEATURE: Typing into a list in either the Data pad or the Dictionary editor fills the locator
FEATURE: When the WINDOW/APPLICATION Structure have a width or height bigger than the screen resolution it will inform the user and keep the value till the value is changed by manually changing the designer or the property value in the property grid.
FEATURE: When converting C6 or older DCTs invalid window and report controls that use LEFT with TEXT controls are automatically fixed
FEATURE: When you have a macro in your red file that does not exist in the list of valid errors the error dialog now tells you which red file has the error, which line has the error and lists all valid macros.
FEATURE: When you save a newly created file the save dialog now defaults to the name you set when creating the file
FEATURE: Window Previewer add support for setting Line Height for LIST/COMBO/DROP controls
FEATURE: You can get a trace of how the redirection system attempts to find a file from the File/Open File using Redirection File
FEATURE: You can now set the default characters, decimal places, justification and offset that the dictionary editor uses via Tools/Options/Clarion/Dictionary Editor Options/Column Options
FEATURE: You can now close an application with the X in the top right hand corner of the tab
FEATURE: You can configure if the locator in the data pad is below the toolbar, in the toolbar or not available via the Tools/Options/Clarion/General page
FEATURE: You can now set which section of the redirection file is active when using ClarionCL with the /rs switch
FEATURE: You can now use the redirection macro %Configuration% to get the currently active build configuration in your redirection files
FEATURE: You can now search for files using the redirection system with ClarionCL with the /rf switch
FEATURE: You can now close the IDE if there are Apps open
FEATURE: You can use Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shft-Tab to cycle between open files, the Quick View and the Dct Explorer in the Dictionary Editor
FEATURE: add an “Apply” button to the Data Browser’s column format dialog so that multiple fields can be formatted and instantly previewed without an open/close of the dialog
IMPROVEMENT: Listbox general tooltip is not required anymore to activate per-cell and per-column tooltips
IMPROVEMENT: Avoid extra redrawing of IMAGE controls on their resizing
IMPROVEMENT: Show message with the column whose options are failing in the parsing
IMPROVEMENT: AppGen now uses HTML Help
IMPROVEMENT: The IDE no longer asks to add matching apps for libs when you generate an app that has libs that match apps, but the apps are not part of the Solution
IMPROVEMENT: Added Clarion source code files to the QuickOpen File droplist in the toolbar
IMPROVEMENT: Less chance of appearance of unexpected caption bar menu items on closing an MDI child window
IMPROVEMENT: Allow TRUE and FALSE equates as initial values for numeric variables
IMPROVEMENT: Add hot key to the tool tip for the next and previous error buttons on the error pad
IMPROVEMENT: Template driven dialogs can now have any number of pages (#TABs in top-level #SHEET)
IMPROVEMENT: The Help, Validity Checks and Controls tabs are not displayed if a field is a reference field
IMPROVEMENT: The IDE no longer asks to add matching apps for libs when you generate an app that has libs that match apps, but the apps are not part of the Solution
IMPROVEMENT: Templates now use HTML Help (Template engine also still supporta .HLP help)
CHANGE: .App and .Appx files are no longer added to the File category
CHANGE: Added cleanup of the status message after the solution refreshed
FIX: Text Search sometimes gave a null result if the cursor was moved after a search
FIX: The %BIN% redirection macro was being expanded to the directory where the C8 binaries where located rather than the directory where the binaries for the version of Clarion in use where located
FIX: The %TransactionManagerVirtuals #GROUP was defined twice
FIX: The Control formatter would loose the FULL attribute when loading the control string
FIX: The Control formatter was putting zeros into the AT attribute instead of leaving them blank
FIX: The Control formatter was generating strings differently than previous versions of the IDE
FIX: The Control formatter was generating COLOR equates differently than previous versions of Clarion
FIX: The Control formatter would loose the FULL attribute when loading the control string
FIX: The Control string was not updated if you changed a property of a control that did not affect a field property
FIX: The Control formatter was generating FONT equates differently than previous versions of Clarion
FIX: The Control formatter was putting zeros into the AT attribute instead of leaving them blank
FIX: The Control formatter was generating strings differently than previous versions of the IDE
FIX: The Control formatter was generating FONT equates differently than previous versions of Clarion
FIX: The Control formatter would loose the FULL attribute when loading the control string
FIX: The Control formatter was generating COLOR equates differently than previous versions of Clarion
FIX: The Control string was not updated if you changed a property of a control that did not affect a field property
FIX: The Control formatter would loose the FULL attribute when loading the control string
FIX: The DCT file would not store window and report controls >1024 characters in length
FIX: The DCT editor would not generate the correct RADIO structures if you set the Values constraint list after setting the Choices list
FIX: The DataPad could throw an exception in some systems when the IDE was closed.
FIX: The DataPad could throw an exception in some systems when the IDE was closed.
FIX: The Derived From field was not read from a TXA file
FIX: The Dictionary editor thew an exception on double-byte systems
FIX: The FONT attribute was being automatically assigned as Sans Serif 10 by the designer if it was missing from the Window
FIX: The Listbox formatter built incorrect FORMAT string if columns have the header with alignment(offset) equal to Left(2)
FIX: The OK and Trace buttons were disabled when you went into the Open File via Redirection dialog using the context menu within the editor
FIX: The OK and Trace buttons were disabled when you went into the Open File via Redirection dialog using the context menu within the editor
FIX: The Picture for a control was not set to the screen picture when you set the USE attribute of the control via the … button in the property pad
FIX: The VALUE attribute of CHECK controls was not passed to the new application during conversion from previous version’s application
FIX: The WHERE condition on #RESTRICT statement in #CODE templates could be evaluated incorrectly
FIX: The Window Previewer would not display a List that used a string rather than a queue as it’s USE and used List styles
FIX: The Window Previewer would fail if you used %Configuration% in your red file to specify the location of obj, map or exe files and the directory did not exist
FIX: The Window Previewer did not work if there was an IMAGE control with a second component of the USE attribute
FIX: The align right icon in the formatter was the same as the align left
FIX: The align right icon in the formatter was the same as the align left
FIX: The area around themed push buttons blackened after numerous gaining and losing of focus
FIX: The compiler reported an error if the @D picture token had a intellidate part
FIX: The dictionary editor now detects and fixes invalid window and report controls that use LEFT with TEXT controls
FIX: The dictionary editor would create the wrong RADIO control if you had VALUE values set in the validity checks
FIX: The dictionary editor would create the wrong RADIO control if you had VALUE values set in the validity checks
FIX: The generated ship list had incorrect name for the Html help dll
FIX: The locator button in the dictionary editor and data pad was not visible on some machines
FIX: The locator button in the dictionary editor and data pad was not visible on some machines
FIX: The rectangle used to draw a button’s text could be changed after evaluation
FIX: The rectangle used to draw a button’s text could be changed after evaluation
FIX: The root node for orphaned embeds was not displayed in the Embed Tree
FIX: The themed border around spin controls could be drawn incompletely
FIX: TransactionManager might not end a started transaction
FIX: TransactionManager might not end a started transaction
FIX: Typing in an ENTRY control with DECIMAL alignment could cause some unexpected behavior (position of caret, display of the value)
FIX: Unexpected window could be activated after closing an MDI child window
FIX: Unnecessary message box was displaying if the user canceled upgrading an app’s dictionary to a newer version
FIX: Value could be displayed incorrectly in ENTRY controls with @N pictures if some some digits should replace grouping characters
FIX: Values of EQUATEs for standard icons and cursors was not always recognized by the Designer
FIX: Variables of ASTRING type without initial value exported to TXA incorrectly
FIX: When App’s are set to auto-open and there area other files in the Solution the App document might not refresh
FIX: When creating a new Clarion 7.3 Clarion version within C8 the list of compilers was not set correctly
FIX: When converting C6 dictionaries the AT attribute was generated incorrectly if there was default x and y, but not a default height and width
FIX: When converting C6 dictionaries the AT attribute was generated incorrectly if there was default x and y, but not a default height and width
FIX: When converting a pre C7 app the IDE was not asking if you wanted to add dependent apps in the Solution
FIX: Windows OS problems with performing deferred move/size of controls on multiple resize events forced to be generated by changing of IDE layout
PTSS 37923: AppGen lockup if the description of a #CONTROL/#EXTENSION template used a #GROUP returning a value
PTSS 37924: Second Icon issue in Clarion 8
PTSS 37928: C8-Vector image positioning is broken
PTSS 37932: Extended Browse Options : LIST/DROP/COMBO-READONLY
PTSS 37933: Prop:Check / Prop:Checked misbehave
PTSS 37940: deformat doesn’t format data with @T4 picture well
PTSS 37956: SKIP Attribute not recognized
PTSS 37960: Modified Dates on all procedures changed to TODAY on import
PTSS 37961: Problem with column tooltips not showing
PTSS 37965: Export/Import Txa Problems
PTSS 37972: Export/Import of a Variable with type ASTRING
PTSS 37975: Missing ICON on BUTTONs with RIGHT attribute
PTSS 37977: MENUs with RIGHT appear too far to the right
PTSS 37979: Setting PROPLIST:LastOnLine affects PROPLIST:RightBorder
PTSS 37986: LIST header activation issues
PTSS 38000: disabled icons painted wrong when color depth = 16 bpp
PTSS 38006: Embeds
PTSS 38019: App from TXA failure
PTSS 38050: Cambiar lel alto de la barra de los browse
PTSS 38073: TEXT Field with Single Attribute doesn’t fire Accept Event
PTSS 38123: String value doesn’t get correct value from USE
PTSS 38132: Can’t access embeds
PTSS 38138: IDE locks loading embed tree
PTSS 38210: “Unresolved External DCTINIT@F…”
PTSS 38234: Window Formatter changes CURSOR(CURSOR:ICON) to CURSOR(‘CUROSR:Icon’)
PTSS 38249: Global changes not causing global regeneration
PTSS 38262: Data pad does not refresh for some procedures
PTSS 38264: Slider control in window designer is broken
PTSS 38265: Checkbox has blank properties pad
PTSS 38358: Orphaned embeds creating new embeds from source button
PTSS 38375: Window Designer Changes Radio Button VALUE Attribute
PTSS 38379: Dictionary Conversion Error
PTSS 38397: Save Button Transaction Frame extension template malfunction
PTSS 38405: Toolbar button text not aligned correctly
PTSS 38410: Index out of range runtime error when generating PDF from report
PTSS 38411: Does not generate CSTRING with initial values correctly
PTSS 38413: Prop:bevel = 0 not working
PTSS 38422: Options Control Radio Button on Report prints wrong when selected
PTSS 38423: Icons on buttons rendered differently than in C7
PTSS 38426: GPF when using prop:ImageBlob under Server 2008
PTSS 38435: Broken listbox headers
PTSS 38445: PROP FontColor and PROP Color do not return consistant results
PTSS 38446: Header of list boxes gets black after some scrolling
PTSS 38450: dimension limit
PTSS 38457: Clicking on the ‘E’ button under Global Properties, Field Navigation results in an error
REGRESSION: under some circumstances you could not enter a, e or k in controls in Template dialogs
WORKAROUND: Windows paints a semi-transparent area around themed button incorrectly in response to the WM_PRINT message if height of button less than 18 pixels
WORKAROUND: Handle inconsistency in key declarations in the dictionary
WORKAROUND: Do not allow generation to fail on mailformed relations in the dictionary