Clarion 8 Training

Dear All,

I am relatively new to this community; I am creating a Clarion team for one of my customers. Can anyone provide Clarion 8 training for us? Please ping me anyone interested in providing training.

Kannan. R

Good day:

You are several generations behind, please consider on upgrading your Clarion 8 to 11. You will not regret it.

Even when you can create decent and fast applications with C8, the compiler and language has evolved.



True, I understand, but the customer has a long way to go for an upgrade; hence we have stuck with the existing version, and our team required training in this version. :frowning:

Does anyone provide training?

Kannan. R


I believe “training” is a very vast field.

What kind of training? Learning the language? Learning specific things like SQL? Maintaining an existing App? Learning CLASSES and more?

I do believe you need to be more specific.



We are really newbies in Clarion, we would like get trained in the following

  1. Clarion language
  2. IDE to develop the code.
  3. Maintain the existing code
  4. Hand coded
  5. Some extent in templates



What budget do you have?


It depends on RAD, what material you will bring in and how you execute the training. it depends on that.


I am currently very busy, and couldn’t have the time to train you. But I have someone that could be willing to do that. But without a figure per hour, I don’t think he will be interested.

Good luck



If he provides his ask and expectations to my email [email protected], then I can respond it him my decision.


Other than the peculiarities of the particular version IDE’s, you will find that there is very little difference from version to version starting with 8.0 to 11.0. They have tightened up some of the non-standard tricks that Clarion programmers have used to “cheat” normal windows operations. But, these are minor and correcting them is usually trivial. As RAD said earlier, you would be well served to go directly from 8.0 to 11.0.

There are some tutorials on YouTube that are a good starting point.

There are some PDF docs that come with clarion as well as a getting started tutorial.
I’d start with those.
Then check out (old but still valid)

I see the talk revolving around specific versions of Clarion IDE. However, Clarion is formed by three strong components:

  1. the language;
  2. the compiler and its powerful support for a template language;
  3. the IDE;

In order to trully benefit from Clarion, one can never have a single hand approach. Sure, seeing the IDE produce an executable out of an wizard is compeling but since you mentioned you need training, I conclude you’re looking for a longer life cycle and for preparing your team for future endeavors. That is synonymous to mastering the language. No escape from that and, from this angle, a specific IDE version plays lesser and important role (altough I do agree that a more modern IDE would allow for certain niceties).

Bottom line is that, if one trully gets the hand of the language, IDE limitations are easily overcome.

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Search here for “Learning”, “Learn”, “Training”, “Train” and you will find several posts (2 links below). The 9,10,11 IDE’s are not that different from 8 so the newer materials will help you. There have been many bugs fixed and enhancements that C11 may save you time.

You will also find materials on Clarion Magazine about C7 and C8. You can also read the Clarion Blog start to finish. SoftVelocity used to sell training.

Thanks for the guidance, will follow the same.

Hi Carl,

this is so helpful, very informative and will start with this now. But still based on the previous post, hand coded without IDE is also must to understand the deep of the language. I will start that in subsequently.

Thanks for your guidance.


Hand coding, without the IDE is a hobbled Clarion.
The templates can do a lot of work for you.

Some GitHub repos have hand coded (no APP) projects, mine has 20+. The best way to learn is open a CwProj and the CLW file then start coding.

You’re saying “without IDE” I assume you mean not templates and APPs. I use the Clarion IDE for hand coded. Mark G edits in Sublime but of course must use the Clarion build.