Clarion Issues with Windows Server 2016

I’m having issues with my clarion application freezing when the alt key is pressed by itself.
The application is running on a few different servers, some are server 2008 and some are 2012 and work without issue. I’m only having a problem with server 2016.
Does anyone have any ideas?

This is a problem that resurfaced with newer versions of Windows. It happened in the past with Windows 7, too.
There are two templates available to address the problem.
One from Carl Barnes, there is a link right at the top of the Clarion Live wiki page. Look for the CBAltWin7 fix link.

One from Marius, you can download here from ClarionHub article.


Users of Script Player can easy do this just including following lines into script xml file (no changes in the apps):

  <!-- Applied to all procedures -->
    <!-- Prevent program hanging (caused by App frame menu activation) -->
    <event name="BeforeAcceptLoop" position="1">
      <action name="Call" function="ALERT" parameter="AltKeyPressed"/>
      <action name="Call" function="ALERT" parameter="F10Key"/>
      <action name="Call" function="ALERT" parameter="CtrlF10"/>
      <action name="Call" function="ALERT" parameter="ShiftF10"/>
      <action name="Call" function="ALERT" parameter="CtrlShiftF10"/>
      <action name="Call" function="ALERT" parameter="AltSpace"/>

Many thanks for you help guys.
The CBAltWin7 template fixed the issue.

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