Clarion Sucks (A repost from ClarionEdge)

I originally posted this on my ClarionEdge blog and it is continually a source of amusement, search hits and comments so I thought I would duplicate it over here for laughs…

original blog post:


Nah, not really, that is just blatant sensationalism to get your attention :slight_smile:

I found an article the other day that was a really interesting read.

From the article:

I’m trying to push for more Python adoption at the company I work at. This led me to casually google for “Python sucks” in order to anticipate any criticisms from coworkers.

It is an interesting idea for determining status of something. There is just mostly noise with Clarion sucks. Another option is Softvelocity sucks which gets a few hits. Go on, have a try of those links for a giggle.

Still talking about Clarion, it’s nice to see Clarion recognised in a list of this kind:

The Hello World Collection

Oh, and do go and check out the quality of comments a posting like this receives :smiley:

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I still can not really decide whether it sucks or not. I work full time with Clarion for over 10 years now. I would say there are pros and cons…

  • forever beta - it seems like Softvelocity just haven’t got enough manpower to really finish and polish. Even in golds there are always and I mean it always some really annoying bugs.
  • forever stone age - old architecture, no unicode, for long time ide was 16bit and 64bit windows were there already, poor support in standard libraries - this seems to change slowly… Again it seems like lack in manpower.
  • forever terra incognita - it is really hard to get any info about the product before you would consider buying it. If not for the community it would be dead.
  • easy and fast app build and database access - ofc if you know what you are doing.
  • template language - makes wholeapp changes so easy and pleasant to make as well as achieving the unachievable like the custom control sets with certain behaviour.
  • abclibrary as source - can modify and add to them to totally change the game.
    That’s my quick opinion on the suck problem :blush:.
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Absolutely, and I think this is true of pretty much anything.

In some ways being a few years or so behind the bleeding edge is a good thing and may even be on purpose. It kind of evens out the ups and downs of tech fads. I feel like the landscape is changing though and this slow pace will become more of a problem. Time will tell.
Good to hear from you @Kozaluss!
Great to see this sensationalist topic headline reappear too :smiley:

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Clarion is absolute ambivalent for me since I used it the first time in 1994 with the first CW 1.5 (I believe this was the first contact for me). The concept is genious from the beginning but the implementation sometimes sloppy. I totally agree to Kozaluss that it is allways beta but… if you know the bugs and got the save way over the glacier you have one of the most powerfull tools in the IT world. But if you have no patience and no sense for this concept you will get ill after a week. For me it was perfect to take C6.2 until Dec. 2015. I try to change before (C7/C8/C9) - and allways after half an hour I decide to stop - with trembling hands. But with C10 I got the learning curve now. For the moment I use C6.2 and C10 in parallel. It was a really hard struggle the last two month, but now it works. All my apps are converted and runs with all the new 3Th party templates & stuff. And I got all that old bugs in my own templates and classes (& dictionaries). Unbelievable - but’s real.