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Hello, I’m checking the possibilities of migrating our software written in clarion 6, to more current versions of clarion or a way to make it available on the web as is.
I saw that there is Clarion AnyScreen, is it viable to use AnyScreen with Calrion 6 legacy?

While progress has been made, I will not put any further $ towards an AnyScreen solution until a new version has been released and can be tested in C11. For instance, in the current AnyScreen version, Combo controls are not usable. Along with other bugs, this has long been said to be fixed, but SV has yet to show that it is true by including the new AnyScreen files in a C11 release.

no I think you will need to move to the latest Clarion 11.1

I understand that version 2 of AnyScreen is about to be released so hopefully that will address whatever issues you have been having. I think it is being shown on tonight’s ClarionLive Open Webinar.

the following is a message about the webinar posted on the anyscreen newsgroup by John Hickey.


Geoff R


SPECIAL! AnyScreen 2.0 Presentation on Wednesday January 26th (tomorrow)!!

Tomorrow during the ClarionLive Open Webinar, there will be a special AnyScreen
presentation introducing AnyScreen 2.0!

You won’t want to miss this one!

The webinar is at 8am Pacific Time, and you can sign up to attend here:

Or, you can watch on YouTube, don’t forget to Subscribe and Like

– John Hickey
– ClarionLive!

Thank you for the heads up. Very timely.

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