Control debugview messages going to specific instance of debugview. Possible?

So I wondered, havent found anything at this stage, if its possible to control and send debugview messages from an app to a specific instance of debugview running.

At the moment, if you have multiple apps running, all their debugview msgs end up in the 1st running instance of debugview and no messages appear in any other running instance of debugview.

That kind of clutters things a bit and I know I have filtering in debugview but I wondered if I could control and direct the messages from one app to a particular running instance of debugview?

Havent seen any suggestion its possible online but thought I’d still ask the question, in case the search engines are wrong.

AFAIK, only one instance of debugview can connect to a particular computer at a time. You might have lots of instances running, but only one is probably connected.

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Thats what I’m seeing at the moment but testing multiple apps communicating through pipes, files and other methods gets a bit cluttered on the one instance of debugview capturing them.

I’m logging the messages ATM so I might do some sort of parser for the debugview log file (its just text) for a better post mortem analysis.

If you use DebugView++, you can have multiple tabs open with different filters.


Add a tab, then go to processes tab of filters…

FYI I did a webinar on debugviewPP years ago

I shall check this out, I gave it a cursory glance a while ago but I think I need to look at it in more detail and I will check out the tabbed view.

I can see its got:

  • statusbar shows detailed log/view/selection information
  • open saved logs for post-mortum analysis

What I cant see though is if it can be called from online, ie for user machines which have net access for when users have problems.

Can’t say that I’ve ever heard of that.
But there might be an xcopy install

I suppose you could just put it up on your OneDrive

That is an idea but I’ve purposefully not got a one drive account for now.