CYBER MONDAY Event: Save 50% on Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise

This is one of those things that are in my “must have” list. Primarily because of embedded, tabbed remote desktop sessions and the ability to sync logins to an azure sql database. It can do soooo much more though and if you can grab it at 50% off then I highly recommend doing so!!

Until November 25 (midnight Eastern Standard Time), you’ll get 50% off the price of a new single Remote Desktop Enterprise license.

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In case you missed it, this has been updated for Cyber monday!

Hurry & Save 50% During our Cyber Monday Event

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@Wolfgang_Orth Asked about this on Skype and I thought I would put my reply here because… well, the hub :slight_smile:
To paraphrase… what is that remote desktop thing?

The Remote Desktop Manager is indeed for managing a number of remote desktop sessions (or I suppose just one if you want but that would be a waste :slight_smile: ). The thing that originally caused me to fall in love with it was that it came in a portable version. I kept it on Dropbox and my set of remote desktop connections followed me around. There is a free version that you can use quite unrestrictedly. See the comparison table!

Oh, also because you can have the sessions embedded in a tabs within the program “frame” I am able to shift the whole thing around to different monitors depending on where my focus is. That is a HUGE productivity gain IMO! Also being able to minimize a whole bunch of remote sessions at once is nice for switching tasks real quick.

The main reason I eventually bought the enterprise version was so I could sync my connection details and passwords to an Azure SQL database. Super handy!

But beyond just microsoft remote desktop there are also a massive number of other sessions that you can do via their tabbed interface.

VMWare, TeamView, Putty are probably a few that might be familiar.

Thanks for the info @brahn I was wondering why you would want to buy this over something like the MS Remote Desktop Connection Manager which is free.

It now makes more sense as it offers a lot more over RDP connections, which begs the question I guess as to have they named their product badly. Certainly, I hadn’t even looked at the link due to having the MS one above. I shall take a look now.


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