Duplicate Label compiler errors

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Getting the compiler error message saying I have a duplicated (local) variable declaration.
Click the error pad, right mouse click on the message, find references and it only shows up once in the source, so not going mad.
The debugger shows two instances of the local variable one after the other in memory (locate offset) with different values.

The only mention of duplicate label warnings on here is this one Duplicate Label Warnings - questions - ClarionHub

Anyone seen this before?

I’ve seen the thing I submitted in PTSS# 39274. Might not be the same.


I have seen this with things like GROUPS where there is a generated PRE() at the end.

For instance this gives the duplicate warning.

Group1              GROUP,PRE()
Field1                LONG

Group2              GROUP,PRE()
Field1                LONG

Hope that helps.

Mine was two lots of

Loc:StringSecurityDescriptorLen Ulong

for the api

ConvertSecurityDescriptorToStringSecurityDescriptorA function (sddl.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs

but what was weird, the error resolved all on its own after the 2 or 3rd gen,make & run and the “real” error I had and corrected was with the parameter *StringSecurityDescriptor, which is the parameter before it.


Its back again.

My mistake, I had the variable declared in an embed and also in the datapad.