Duplicate Label Warnings

In a large 28 app file program, I have long used a global DCT group array to hold various styles used in lists throughout the program. Fields within the group hold typical style values such as FontName, FontSize, FontStyle, TextColor etc.

With the recent addition of a common Accessory product, I now get hundreds of label duplicated warnings with every build because that product too has a field named FontSize within a group. Because the variables are both defined as a LONG and always fully referenced in code using group (dot) syntax, I do not believe the situation has any final program effects.

Short of an imaginative field renaming in my DCT and then tracking down hundreds of embed instances, might anyone have suggestions for alternative ways to rid myself of all these duplicate label warnings?

Add a prefix to your DCT group if it doesn’t have one.
That will change so the field name w/o using dot syntax won’t work but it will avoid the duplicate labels.


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Thank you for the reminder. Exactly what was needed.

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