Dynamic pool limit exceeded. Make file cache C6.3.9058



I hope someone has a solution for this error in C6.3.

I added a new table to my DCT and now get this error.
I deleted all my clw, obj, etc.
Restarted my computer.
This app has to stay in C6.3 for a long time still.

I get this error on my DataDll if I compile it.

Nothing seems to work.

Any ideas or solutions will be appreciated.


Johan de Klerk


Try compiling a small app with a different dictionary first. If that compiles, then try the app you’re having a problem with.



Hi David,

Thanks for the reply.

That was one one of the things I tried.

I eventually got my DataDll compiled, without changing anything - weird.

My C6.3-9058 is still a rock solid development tool.


Johan de Klerk


Hi Johan,
I believe I encountered something like this a very long time ago in a very large medical application. If I’m remembering right, I had added a new table or possibly even just added enough to an existing table in that large dictionary and encountered what you presented.

I ended up creating a second separate dictionary and moved a few tables that were not related to any other to that second dictionary thus freeing enough space in the primary dictionary to keep related files together. Having two dictionaries did not present a problem. They were completely independent. I believe there is a 64k limit on the dictionary space.

Now my memory could be getting a bit fuzzy on this as it could have been maybe 15 years ago or more.

I still use c63-9058 for a very large veterinary application and agree with you on its solidity.


Hi Doug,

How did you do this?
Are you using two dictionaries in the same application?


Johan de Klerk


Good Morning Johan,

I had to dig back through my archives attempting to find what I did. It took me awhile. The most recent version of that medical app that I did find was dated April 2008. It is no longer being used by anyone but I still have all or at least most of what I did archived. That said, I reloaded it and CW55 onto an older computer to see if I could bring it up. I appear to be missing a registered PowerBrowse template. I didn’t think I was using PB any longer by then. My usage of PB went back to CW 2003 but that’s ancient history.

It appears that I mis-stated creating two dictionaries. What I see that I did was create two Data apps separating references to one dictionary into two independent pieces that contained no files that referenced the other. I just don’t remember the details very well now ten years+ on.

I wanted to reply to your response. I may yet poke at it out of curiosity. If I find something to further clarify what I did I will get back to you. Please don’t hesitate to ask anything. It may trigger my memory on this.

Best regards,

Doug Selzler


Hi Doug,

Thanks for the reply.

No problem, I just though you found a way to do it and it would help a lot.

It is a long time to remember anything. :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate it.
I think it would sort out a lot of my problems.


Johan de Klerk