Entry control - style and font errors

Hi all,

Throughout our app we have dialogues with Entry fields which all apply a rounded corner style. Following a recent change to use Ariel size 8 throughout the app as a modernisation we have one dialogue which doesn’t show the font correctly:

Note the compressed letters in the “title” entry. This is how a normal dialogue should look:

Despite racking my brains, comparing the .clw definitions etc I simply can’t understand why this particular dialogue is doing this. I’ve even deleted and recreated all the items with no joy.

Both are derived from the same basic template, and nothing particularly fancy going on.

I might be wrong but that looks like a Clear Type problem.
Turn off Clear Type and see if that corrects the problem.

Johan de Klerk

It does correct the problem, but that’s not a practical solution - the rest of the multi-dll project with hundreds of forms works fine.

What version of clarion are you using?

C11 build 13401 - I can’t use a newer build as it crashes when building my multi-dll project

How do you apply the rounded style?
If you Preview the Window from Designer do you see the same?

Post the code of the Window declaration.

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Is that ENTRY MS Sans Serif? Try Microsoft Sans Serif or Segoe UI.

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If you look at the declaration for that Dialog, I think you’ll find that a Font is set specifically on the Title prompt and entry controls. In other words they are not using the window setting, but their own setting. Edit the window declaration (the … button) and remove them.

Also - Arial is modernisation? It’s a lot better than Ms San Serif, but if you want modern use Segoe UI.
And the trend is towards larger, not smaller, fonts. Personally I use Segoe UI 10 pt.


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Thanks all for your suggestions, much appreciated.

The Entry isn’t using a separate font than the form, they were all removed during the cosmetic changes recently. FWIW I agree about Arial, but it was settled on for now as that’s the current form of the product website.

The Window Preview doesn’t work for me, just pops up a dialogue to submit a report with the window structure.

As for where the rounded corner format is derived from, I’m honestly not sure - there’s no specific declaration in the other dialogues, but it seems to apply everywhere but here.

Anyway here is the declaration for the non-working dialogue (apologies I couldn’t find how to shrink/reformat text in the forum posting system):

Then the working dialogue:

Can you paste the non-working window code into a .txt file and attach to a reply here?

Paste all the code as you showed in your screen capture. You may have to zip it to upload.

I’ll use the upload to try to fix the preview problem and see if your window previewed shows the problem.

Thanks all for your help - it turned out to be something simple, but only once you know the issue.

We use IceTipsMagicEntry throughout the project, in this case it hadn’t been configured properly on this particular dialogue.

Showing my noobishness, I hadn’t even realised that’s what the extension was for!